Roots and Wings





I remember well when you kids were born
It only seems like yesterday
I feel like I’ve barely turned around
Yet how the years have slipped away.

From babes in arms to stripling boys
I watched you change…and then
I looked up and realized
You had both grown into men.

I know I never showed it much
And I find it hard to say
But I love you, I’m proud of you
And it will always be that way.

What you wanted to be was a choice
I tried to leave up to you
I didn’t expect you to follow my trail
Or do the things I do.

But you grew up on horses and rodeo
For those are the only things I know
And your being anything but a cowboy
Didn’t stand much of a show.

When I saw where your heart was at
I tried to help the best I could
Even if we don’t always see eye to eye
Or do the things we should.

I’ve tried to teach you right from wrong
Be honest and keep your word
To make your own tracks in this life
And not always follow with the herd.

You might not think I understand
But I know well how bad you hurt
As sometimes I watched your dreams
Get shattered in the dirt.

I still remember when you were small
The looks on your faces when
you would find
That you couldn’t always go with me
Sometimes you had to be left behind.

But even then, I knew well
That I would see the day
When you would be the ones to go
And I would have to stay.

And now, well now the time has come
There’s not much more I can do
So I’ll just sit here in the stands
And quietly cheer for you.

Doug Richards is a two-province rancher and rodeo stock contractor. He and his wife, Jill, are the parents of bronc riders Billy and Jimmy Richards.