Day: July 19, 2010

To a Friend (Bob Duce)

The first issue of Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine (March 1997) included a poem I had written called Reg Kesler’s Hat. In mid July this year while performing at the Cowboy

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Peace On Earth

  As I sit here in my rocking chair and watch the fire glow, …the sound of Christmas carols, takes me back to long-ago. To a day back when my

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Cowboys, Heroes and Horses

  I paused from cynchin’ my saddle’s riggin’ To feel the crisp wind out of the West Brush against my exposed hands and face Sendin’ my soul a shiver clean

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The Chase

  When our family moved to Fort St. JamesBack in the summer of 1959 My brother Colin and I chased the Indian horsesThat ran wild in the summertime. We chased

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The Graduate

The round pen is just a classroomWhere we teach horses how to learnFrom the larger lessons life brings their wayAround every curve and turn.The black filly danced and tossed her

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Old Skip

“I used to ride Ol’ Skip to school,”The old cowboy said with a smile“Then Dad sold him to a rodeo manAnd I had to walk those miles. I started into

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Bill’s in Trouble

  I’ve got a letter, parson, from my son away out West,An’ my ol’ heart is heavy as an anvil in my breast,To think the boy whose future I had

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Western Skies

Poetry editor Mike Puhallo“I think every once in a while we should print something that don’t rhyme just to rattle the purists.”– Mike Puhallo, poetry editor SittingHigh above bustling eastern

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The Ranchin’ Rat Race Revolt

  There’s a kind of revolt around our place,More than the usual Ranchin’ Rat Race.Our hired man up and quit yesterday,Too many hours and too little pay,And Animal Rights has

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100 Years From Now

  100 years from now, if the world’s still in the game,May the earth recall our footprints, may the wind sing out our names.May someone turn a page and hearken

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