Peace On Earth


As I sit here in my rocking chair and watch the fire glow,
…the sound of Christmas carols, takes me back to long-ago.
To a day back when my boys were small, I wonder, do they remember,
…a day we went to cut the tree, it was a fine day in December.
We headed out the boys and I, and the dog thought he should go,
…then our neighbor came to join the trek, and we marched off in the snow.
With all the boundless energy of youth, the boys ran on ahead,
…with that crazy dog right on their heels, while we walked and pulled the sled.
And then we heard them yelling “HURRY, COME AND SEE”
…and there it was, standing tall; the perfect Christmas tree!
So we stood and we admired this tree for just a spell,
…out there in the forest, where nature’s creatures dwell.
A soft eyed doe over by the bluff, stood so very still,
…a squirrel chattered overhead, a fox sat on the hill.
And as we stood there watching – ” three little chickadees,”
…flew down and gently landed, right there in our tree.
They trilled and twittered merrily, a message to convey,
…and other birds joined in the song, a nuthatch and a jay.
It was a magic Christmas moment – one I’ll not forget,
…we all agreed to save the tree, why I’ll bet it’s standing yet.
And on Christmas eve we all went back – “our whole family’,
…and the dog of course and the neighbor came, to decorate our tree.
With nuts and seeds and bits of bread and pretty little things,
…popcorn balls, doggy bones and berries on a string.
We stood out in the forest , around our Christmas tree,
…while we sang Christmas carols – ” the wind played harmony.”
We shared the joy of Christmas, the Baby Jesus birth,
…we shared God’s love that Christmas eve,
as we sang “Peace On Earth”.

The poem is based on a story from a book titled Caleb and Me written by Alberta Author, Doug Nelson. (Doug is the author of the Chuckwagon book Hotcakes to High Stakes.) The story, called “Almost Forever,” is very beautiful and I was so touched that I just had to write this poem and will publish it in my next book
(with his blessing).
-Mereline Griffith