San Diego Rodeo

Sorry for the delay!!! A winter storm took out the internet… and it’s -36C right now…
As promised, San Diego rodeo round 1 partial results and cool info:
First off, there’s 2W chutes in the rough stock end and Priefert in the timed end – spreading the love…
Brett Gardiner of Sylvan Lake is one of the announcers, and Gary Rempel is one of the three pick up men.
In rodeo –
BB: Dean Thompson, Utah – 85 pts
Clint Laye from Cadogan, Taylor Brassard of Louisiana and World Champion Clayton Biglow of California split 2/3/4 with 83.75 pts.
SW: Bridger Andersen, NDakota –
Dalton Massey, Stephen Culling & Jesse Brown of Oregon won 2/3/4 – ALL riding Tyson – with Curtis Cassidy hazing.
TR: Logan Medlin/Marcus Theriot-4.4 sec’s
Richard and Buhler were penalized; Graham Bros no time
SB: Zeke Thurston won with 87; Dawson Hay was 2nd, Logan Hay was third, Lefty Holman was 4th
Interesting! The judges are all wearing San Diego Padres baseball shirts with “JUDGE” across the back. Neat keepsake!
TDR-Tuf Cooper won this round, and it was nice to see Shane Hanchey boil out of the box on the wonderful Peso, Logan Bird’s great horse. Shane split 4th.
Trey Benton III won the bull riding.
Photos are on their way and I’ll add them to this post once they’ve arrived.
Sorry for the extreme delay – my internet provider was down since last night. We hope to have the results of tonight’s perf in a much more timely fashion! – TM