San Diego II

Boy oh boy, I sure wish I was in San Diego right now – not only for the rodeo, but because it’s -40C!

In BB, Jacob Lees won. Clint Laye was second and he is advancing to tomorrow’s Field of Eight Finalists.

SW, Stephen Culling riding Tyson won, and Stephen, Jesse Brown and Dalton Massey are all advancing (on Tyson) to the Field of Eight.

TR new World champs Tyler Wade & Lesley Thorpe won. Graham Bros didn’t place.

SB Won by 37-year-old Isaac Diaz, Zeke Thurston was third. Zeke, Dawson and Logan Hay are all advancing.

BAW- Taylor Munsel and Kelsey Domer split first at 1.9 secs, and 2 other ropers both caught at 2.0. Kendal Pierson roped the horns so no time.

TDR Ty Harris won with 7.4 secs; John Douch and Shane Hanchey are advancing, and both are riding Logan Bird’s good horse, Peso.

BR was won by Jacuh Hail; Jordan Hansen was second and freshly-crowned Canadian BR Champion Edgar Durazo was third. They are all advancing.

Bullfighters were also in modified San Diego Padres uniforms, similar to the judges. What a great keepsake!

Alicia will be sending me pix, so I’ll share them as soon as they arrive.