C5 Rodeo in San Diego!

Congratulations to Vern McDonald and the C5 Rodeo crew for creating a brand-new rodeo in a fantastic location!
For the first time EVER! The beautiful city of San Diego will have a rodeo in their brand new ballpark – Petco Park Jan 12-14, and will feature many of the top pro cowboys & cowgirls. 
Outriders has partnered with the San Diego Padres and C5 Rodeo to present the first-ever rodeo at Petco Park. The San Diego Rodeo will showcase the world’s top cowboys as they compete for over half a million dollars in prize money during this three-day competition from January 12th to 14th.
I will post updates on this 3-day rodeo; it is also being broadcast on Cowboy Channel.
When the draw becomes available, I’ll post it here and also share it on Facebook.
Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated. 
***The fabulous Terri Mason, world renowned editor of Canadian Cowboy Country currently has no internet due to winter storms and will update this story as soon as her interweb is restored!
    ~ The Cowboy Country non reporting abled staff