Round 7 Draw and a bit of Moaning – with Tom Reardon

I’ve been in a little NFR pool down at A & B Hardware for probably 20 years. There are 15 of us in it. $60 buy-in and it pays $15 bucks per go-round win. You just need four wins over the ten days to break even. We don’t draft our team, it’s all computer-driven. It allots someone different for every round in each event and it gives you someone to cheer for each night. It’s hit and miss; nobody gets rich and no one loses their shirt. However, one year, against all odds, a guy got skunked, he never won a round, and for a whole year we teased him about ‘choking under pressure.’

 Last night I had Hailey Tinsel drawn. She had already set the arena record and won three of the first five rounds and I was feeling confident. The devastating news came half an hour before the rodeo. Hailey had decided to rest her great mare Sister and use her backup horse. I was devastated but I’m thinking the other 14 poolsters enjoyed my dilemma and I can count on getting a ribbing the next time I see any of them. (Ha ha! Way to pick ‘em. – Editor and fellow poolster.)

Round 7 Draw

Manitoba’s 2019 Canadian Champion Bareback Rider Orin Larsen will strap his riggin’ on Calgary’s Y-92 Yippee Kibitz. The horse should be fresh, as she just stood around in the Round 2 re-ride pen. Richie Champion has plucked Bruce Sunstrom’s rank 313 Mayhem; that horse dusted Texan Jake Brown in Round 2.

In the Saddle Bronc Riding, Big Valley’s Zeke Thurston has drawn Bartender from Dakota Rodeo. Season leader Wyatt Casper will try Y-15 Y U R Frisky another horse from the Calgary herd and the second Round re-ride pen. Shorty Garrett should match up good with the Stampede’s dependable S-65 Shadow Warrior. Sterling Crawley cashed a cheque on that horse in Round 2.

Texas bull rider Boudreaux Campbell will try Outlaw Buckers’ 269 Fish Camp. Big Stone Rodeo Inc. has two bulls out tonight, Utah’s Tyler Bingham will be looking for eight on 35 Spotted Demon and Australian Ky Hamilton will test W20 War Cry.