Breakaway! Rounds 5-8 with Tom Reardon

Bloodlines & Broken Barriers | Dec 12, 2020, Maple Creek, SK
Jackie Crawford cut off her saddle horn and has her rope secured through the gullet. Jackie is pregnant, and due in March. Photo by Duty.

Florida native-turned Texan Amanda Coleman only took 2.0 seconds to win the 5th round riding a Shelby Boisjoli horse she calls Pepsi. Shelby, who grew up at Langdon, Alberta must have an affinity about giving out soda pop barn names because she’s riding a mare that she calls Root Beer. She was Canadian-born and her papered name is Sexy Lil Blue Blood and she goes back to famed Triple Crown winner Secretariat on the bottom side.

 Utah’s Anna Bahe set the arena record in Round 6 with a 1.7 run. Unfortunately, Shelby broke the barrier for a 10-second penalty in that round.

Shelby rebounded, posted a 2.3 and gathered a cheque in Round 7. She never placed in Round 8 but is one of four girls with eight times. That penalty may hurt her in the average, but she’s still got a shot at it.

Tomorrow they have Round 9 and 10, payoff the lucrative average, then the Top 8 advance to the Elimination Round, then the Top 4 go to a clean slate for the Championship Round.