Marty Wood & Round 6 Results – with Tom Reardon

The classic silhouette on the CPRA logo is the late Marty Wood, riding a Harry Vold horse named Stoney. This was crafted from a Devere Helfrich photo, shot at the 1961 Ellensburg Rodeo in Washington

The late Marty Wood, the man on the CPRA logo, must have been one helluva horseman.

He won three World titles in Bronc Riding, but I mean a horseman on a saddle horse. Back in my 20’s when I had money and no worries, “we” (meaning me and other guys) went as spectators to six NFRs in Oklahoma City. At that time, the horses used in the grand entry were rented from local riding clubs. The contestants used the same horse for all ten performances, but over the years I probably saw Marty Wood ride in close to 30 grand entries on four or five different horses and it looked like he had first pick of the mounts, every time! The odds of being on the best horse out of 100, four or five years in a row are pretty slim. I’m thinking Marty knew a thing or two that most people don’t. Man, he could make a horse look good.

Now for the Round Six report:

The headlines should read: “Orin and Zeke burst the bubble.”

Cole Reiner of Wyoming won the round with an 87; Tanner Aus tied for second with 86.5 points on Calgary’s Z-51 Zulu Warrior. Reigning Canadian Champion Bareback Rider Orin Larsen from Inglis, Manitoba scored 86 points on Cervi Brothers Ain’t No Angel and picked up a fourth-place cheque. Richie Champion rode California-based Bridwell Rodeo’s MX374 Mary to an 84.5 — she was raised by Dave & Laurie McDonald of MX Bar Ranch up in northern Alberta. Aussie Jamie Howlett was 83.5 on Calgary’s Y-5 You See Me.

Steer wrestlers Stetson Jorgensen and Jacob Edler both clocked an arena record 3.3 to split the round. Curtis Cassidy and the other three guys that ride Curtis’ horse Tyson all took too long for a cheque.

Californian Cody Snow and Brazilian Junior Nogueira stopped the clock in 3.9 seconds for the win in the team roping. Levi Simpson and Shay Carroll roped a leg for a 6-flat + five to total 11 seconds, and Kolten Schmidt’s nightmare continued with another no-time. They’ll win a round before it’s over.

Zeke Thurston on All Country, Round 6. PRCA photo by Stangle

The “gifted” Ryder Wright won the bronc riding. Zeke Thurston scored 85.5 for a 3,4,5 split. The Stampede’s R-62 Redon Acres packed Isaac Diaz to 84 points and no cheque. Outlaw Buckers 508 Lunatic Party carried Chase Brooks to an 81.5 score.

Reigning World Champion Haven Meged won the Tie-Down event with an arena record 6.8-second run. Cajun Shane Hanchey placed fifth with a 7.9-second run. He has been riding Logan Bird’s famed rope horse T.J. all week. Tonight, he went to the lead for the lucrative ‘average’. It’s early, but here’s hoping.

Okie Emily Miller posted the night’s quickest time in the Ladies Barrel Racing.

Louisiana bull rider Dustin Boquet was out of breath when he was interviewed following his winning 89.5 ride. He was out of wind because he’d already had two re-rides. The third time was the charm.

I’ll post the Round 7 draw as soon as I can.


Watch the WNFR Round 6 highlights here!

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  1. I’m very into horses (riding and training) but have never been interested in the rodeos before. The video was quite entertaining. Very surprising to see how athletes manage to stay in the saddle for so long in your bucking bronc event.

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