The First-Ever National Finals Breakaway Roping – with Tom Reardon


I went to the Wrangler Network and watched the inaugural NFBR.  Holy cow, are those girls mounted and can they ever rope! I’m used to firing a few warning shots before I snag one, but those girls don’t waste many loops.  What a show; in the first round the top four times were 1.9, 2.0, 2.0 and 2.0-seconds, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Langdon, Alberta cowgirl Shelby Boisjoli carried the Canadian flag in the pre-taped grand entry. Her 2.6 didn’t place in that first round but riding her horse Root Beer, she cashed cheques in the next three rounds. At the end of four rounds, she is sitting second in the 10-head average with a total of 10.5 seconds and she’s won $6.692 so far. That’s impressive.

Between the second and third rounds, High River’s Madison McDonald-Thomas performed her death-defying trick riding. She’s at the top of the trick riding world and I can’t imagine the rush she must get, but it’s obvious that she has worked tirelessly for years to get to that point. Did I mention that she used two different horses in her act?

Getting back to the NFBR; there are four more rounds tomorrow, then Thursday is Championship Day with two rounds to complete the 10-head average. Then, I think, the top eight compete to advance to the top four for the championship.

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