Welcome to the West. There are living cultures to experience in the Canadian West. The Indigenous cultures of the West Coast of B.C. have a thriving culture of potlatches, totem poles and unique art. The culture of the Plains First Nations shares its unique customs through award-winning centres and sought-after arts. The ranching culture, while not as old, has traditions of hospitality.

What all of these cultures share is a deep pride in who they are — deep in the Canadian West.


The ancient Aboriginal cultures of the plains and mountains in Canada celebrate their traditions with a wealth of festivals and multi-award-winning cultural centres.

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The Canadian West is defined by the First Nations people, fur traders, miners, NWMP and cowboys who made this land their home and created a legacy and history that we honour.

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Music FEstivals

Summertime is music festival time, and here are some fun events to attend—including the RCMP Musical Ride.

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Cowboy FEstivals & Guest ranches

Enjoy the music and humour of the West.

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the lifeblood of camargue

Imagine yourself staying in a home built by the Knights Templar, and in the afternoon sitting with 20,000 people high in an ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans, watching age-old races between a bull and a man in a competition that dates from A.D. 1402.

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