The Canadians! Round 4

Orin-Larsen CGuardipee










Tonight the boys from Down Under doubled down as Damian Brennan and Ky Hamilton scored some NFR street cred.

The reason why I’ve posted a photo of Ryder Wright temporarily onboard Hammer Stone is because that horse was born in Senlac, Saskatchewan and raised by our very own cartoonist, Ash Cooper and the consortium, Cooper Clan.

“The sure fire way to get a horse to buck that hard is to sell its mother, dammit!” texted Ash, from Vegas.

Cooper, and a bunch of Canadians made their annual impressive showing in Vegas at the Benny Binion Bucking Horse Sale. Cooper Clan’s 5 year-old bay mare, # 81 Lily Monster, sold for a staggering $77,500 USD to US buyer, Stan Gilbert.

Here’s the highlight reel, (terrific watching!) and, in no particular order, a few great pix of some great Canadians!

Round 4 Highlight Reel


Ryder Wright temporarily onboard 301 Hammer Stone, now owned by Beutler & Son Rodeo. Credit PRCA / Roseanna-Sales.


Rnd 4 – Beau Cooper Credit PRCA / Roseanna Sales
Rnd 4 – Zeke Thurston on 371 Bugsy, Muddy Creek Rodeo Credit PRCA / Roseanna Sales
Rnd 4 – Ben Anderson on 379 Prieferts Dirty Roots, Pete Carr Pro Rodeo Credit PRCA / Roseanna Sales
R04 Zeke Thurston, Grand Entry
Credit PRCA/Roseanna Sales
Rnd 4-Jared Parsonage on 295 Big Bank Universal Pro Rodeo
Credit PRCA/Roseanna Sales
Rnd 4- Orin Larsen on 188 Star Witness PRCA/Roseanna Sales
Canadian Bronc Riders from left: Ben Andersen, Zeke Thurston, Layton Green, Dawson Hay
Credit PRCA/Click Thompson
2023 Canadians at NFR
Back left: Ben Andersen, Layton Green, Jordan Hansen, Stephen Culling. Bottom, left: Orin Larsen, Beau Cooper, Zeke Thurston, Dawson Hay, Jared Parsonage, Jeremy Buhler, pick up man Tyler Kraft. Credit PRCA/Click Thompson
Waiting for Orin and Dawson – my favourite pix /credit PRCA / Click Thompson