NFR – Round 5 – Need we say more?

Nice shot of Tyler Kraft, picking up R05 BB Keenan Hayes Credit PRCA / Roseanna Sales
Layton Green on Feather Fluffer Credit PRCA / HRae
Dawson Hay Credit PRCA / HRae
Dakota Eldridge on Tyson Credit PRCA / Roseanna Sales
Rnd 5 – Stephen Culling Credit PRXA / HRae
Beau Cooper PRCA / Roseanna Sales
Rnd 5 – Rhen Richard, Jeremy Buhler Credit PRCA / Roseanna Sales
Zeke Thurston scores 91 pts and wins Round 5 on Calgary Stampede’s 366 Xplosive Skies. Credit PRCA / Clay Guardipee.


Zeke-Thurston 336 Xplosive Skies, Calgary Stampede
Credit PRCA / Roseanna-Sales
Another favourite! Zeke Thurston after winning Rnd 5 on Xplosive Skies Credit PRCA / H Rae