In the Corral

Haying in the 30’s

MALLAIG, ALTA., LOCATED west of Bonnyville, is home to one of the more unique fundraisers in Alberta.

It’s called Haying in the 30’s, and each year, visitors converge to experience what life was like in the 1930s. That sounds like a fun ‘cosplay’ weekend, but this one has an unheard-of twist — everything is free.

That’s right, there is no charge for food, entertainment, parking or camping.

Haying in the 30’s is a cancer support society and 100 per cent of funds raised are provided to those undergoing treatment for cancer.

The weekend starts off with an original horsepower parade of teams, ranging from light horse to impressive draft horses. These same horses are seen throughout the weekend working in the fields, providing the horsepower for various machinery and taking visitors on wagon rides.

Visitors can stroll through the little 80-acre town at their own pace, visiting recreated homesteads, and buildings such as the general store and even the jailhouse. There is live music playing in multiple locations, including the church on the hill. Cowboy cooks are rustling up chili and fresh brewed coffee over the fire and everywhere, kids are playing games.

Of course you can come and enjoy the weekend in your modern clothes, but to really get in the spirit, take a step back in time, wear overalls, and flour sack dresses!

Donations of any amount are welcome.

The 2022 event dates are July 30-31. Visit for more.