In the Corral

Where in the World is Canadian Cowboy?

Billings, Montana

Billings Livestock commission in Billings, Montana has a rich history.

Founded in 1934 as a horse and mule auction, it is the oldest, continuous livestock auction in the West. Jann Parker and her late husband, Bill, (d. 2016) took over the management of the auction in 1998.

At the Feb horse sale, the top horse sold for $67,000 US. When asked about the high prices, Jann explained, “The demand for quality horses hasn’t really changed at all, but the supply has gone down. There are fewer really good horses out there, so the prices go up.”

There were a number of Canadian horses in this sale and Canadian bidders in the stands, including Jess Parsonage of Little Big Ranch in the Cypress Hills, one of the founders of the Ranch Country Horse Sale held each fall in Maple Creek, Sask.