Woman of the West

Ranch Dressin’

Since  I was a kid, I have admired the western/Navajo prints and designs that I was first introduced to by my Mother and my Grandma Becker in the early 2000s.

I remember admiring my Grandma Becker’s beautiful western wardrobe, filled with Pendleton coats and Double D Ranch garments. Shall I begin on her beautiful boot collection?

Having such early exposure to the western fashion industry was something that I appreciate; it has allowed my passion to blossom and to incorporate it into my life. 

I remember admiring a specific ankle-length Pendleton coat that my Grandma Becker would wear on special occasions. Recently, I was conversing with my Grandma Becker and my sisters about all of these amazing pieces she had collected and she said that to this day, she still has all of her fancy get-ups tucked away, thank goodness she didn’t get rid of anything, because all of those coats, dresses, boots, and even jeans are back in style as the ‘retro’ trend is making waves 

Becker Ranch; where all of the work gets done

To brag about my Grandma Becker’s impeccable style a little bit more, she had the best clothing for a fancier occasion and the best style for practical ranch wear. She instilled the practical aspect of dressing for work on the ranch; as comfort was at the forefront (and she did not want to hear any complaining if our feet hurt or if our jeans rode up when we’d be doing chores). I carry this hold this advice in the highest regard, because in all honesty, she taught me that it is perfectly fine to shop in the boy’s section for high-rise wrangler jeans if that meant I could ride my horse more comfortably.

Western fashion icons that I look to for inspiration range  from icons like Dolly Parton, to western fashion influencers such as West Desperado (otherwise known as Shaley Ham). 

One influence on western fashion that I am currently obsessed with, and has been consistently on-trend over the past decades, are the Indigenous prints, colours and styles of the Native-American people of the 1900s and beyond. Navajo prints can be found in almost every brick-and-mortar boutique to the online marketplace. It adds a flare of style and uniqueness to any garment.

Altogether, I believe there is something made for everyone in the western fashion market, whether it is for the ‘corporate cowgirl’, who prefers to add a western flare into her office attire, or it is the women working down in the dirt on the ranch. 

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” -Dolly Parton

Photos and story by Chelsey Becker