Making Hay While the Sun Shines!

Calgary Stampede 2022:

It was beautiful blue sky weather that saw the best competitors vie for the $50,000 cheques at Calgary.

In Bareback, Rocker Steiner of Weatherford, Texas, earned the cheque with his 91.5 on Y92 Yipee Kibitz.

Manitoba’s Orin Larsen earned the $12,500 second-place cheque with 89.5 for his trip on X9 Xplosive Skies.

Barrel Racing was an all-American show which saw Kassie Mowry of Dublin, Texas, win the final four with 16.977 and also set a new arena record at 16.95 in the round of 10.

The  Tie-Down Roping Showdown was an All-American competition with a Canadian twist. Caleb Smidt of Bellville, Texas, rose to the top riding the award-winning Peso, the pride of Nanton and Logan Bird’s string.

The Saddle Bronc Showdown was a family affair, and how much fun was it to watch! First off, both the brothers, Logan and Dawson Hay of Wildwood, Alta., earned their spurs to the Final Four along with their cousin, Ben Andersen of Eckville, Alta. They were joined by Dawson’s cousin-in-law, Lefty Holman of California. In the end, Logan won the $50,000 with 89.5 on B92 Baby Kibitz and stepped onto the same stage his daddy walked across four times for the presentation of the cheque and bronze. It was a great moment. (How cool is this; earlier this year Dawson won $100,000 at The American, and now Logan has won Calgary. It’s safe to say that the Hay boys like to deal in big numbers.)

In Steer Wrestling, Will Lummus of Byhalia, Missouri, won with a time of 3.6-seconds on his steer.

In Bull Riding, all four bucked off their bull. They re-loaded the chutes, and it was a tie between Eatonia, Sask’s Dakota Buttar and Grand Coulee, Wash, Shane Proctor, who split the cheque and the round for $31,250 each for their 88.5 scores. I’m sure they’ll get another bronze made and not make the men saw it in half. Commentator Butch Knowles (luv that guy!) suggested that they “should at least have a foot race or something!” to break the tie, but they decided to split the cheque.

Overall, it was a great final four, with nice weather and rank stock – so congratulations to Tyler Kraft and Goose of the Calgary Stampede Ranch for being able to load the chutes with such an even bunch of pens. Every single horse they loaded in a chute was a winner, and it came down to a riding contest. And was it ever a pleasure to watch the world’s greatest pickup men in action. Good job, boys – and we look forward to next year!