In the Corral

Dog Gone Good!

At the International Stock Dog Championship at Agribition, from left Judge Jack Regier, Peter Gonnet & Bob (1:46), Campbell Forsyth and CKF Mac (1:59), Russell Roome and Jill (2:47), Rosemary Currie & Hill 70 Chico (3:47) and Sherry Creech and Toad (off course)

Congratulations to Peter Gonnet of Outlook, Sask., on winning the International Stock Dog Championship held at Agribition in Regina.

Running his home-raised, ten-year-old border collie, Bob, Peter placed fifth in both the first and second trial run and then topped the Finals with a brilliant completion time of 1:46.

“It was exciting going into the Finals,” said Gonnet in a recent interview. “They run slowest to fastest so I was the second last one to run. Campbell [Forsyth] had run just before me in under two minutes. I don’t think anybody got under two minutes in the whole trial, and it happened to work.”

The Championship is a true test of a dog’s mettle. “There were 45 dogs in the first round; only eight of us finished. In the second round, only 15 got finished. They were tough lambs and a lot of the dogs were having trouble with them.”

Years of breeding and years of competition plus ranch work paid off for Gonnet and his dog, but there was one more surprise that made the win that much better.

“To be able to win with him under such trying circumstances made it sweeter. That, and realizing that four of the five dogs in the Finals were all from our bloodlines.”