Her Colt ~ by Bruce Kiskaddon

Other hosses takes an interest in a colt that’s young and small
The way they act you’d think they’d never seen a colt at all
They would nip him and torment him if his mother wasn’t there
But they don’t do much inspectin’ when they meet up with the mare

It’s her that makes ’em savvy not to monkey with that colt
She backs her ears and peels her teeth; you bet she’ll take a holt
If that don’t make ’em understand, they’ll learn the way it feel
When she lashes out and takes ’em in the ribs with both her heels

She must watch the other hosses, she must teach that colt to mind
And there’s times perhaps the bosses gits a little out of line
She knows he ain’t no problem child;He’s just like all his brothers
And she’s a mare that’s got a colt, the same as all the others

Of course she hasn’t read no books how children should be raised
She doesn’t keep a record of her family’s birthdays
But if you watch from day to day you’ll find she’ll make it through
And do about as good as job as anyone can do.


Bruce Kiskaddon (1878–1950) is one the most admired and recited classic cowboy poets. Most of his works are in the public domain.