Rodeo Roundup: Nanton

The 2019 Champions is the crew riding for the Outside Circle Ranch. From left: Riley Regier, Tracey Shock; in back is Kirk Phillips, president Nanton Ranch Rodeo, Titus Kropf and Jesse Kropf.

Held July 19–20, the Nanton Ranch Rodeo also featured an art and gear sale, live music, plus additional Buck Wild ranch bronc riding.

After the dust (then mud) cleared, the crew of the Outside Circle Ranch won first place, with Riley Regier, Tracey Shock, Titus Kropf and Jesse Kropf.

Working Ranch Horse Winner was Geoff Hoar of San Emideo Ranch; Top Hand Award went to Kendall Miller.

The judges were Paul Phillips, Mark Parsons, Peter Swales and Dale Keates; arena director was Riley Millar, calves were provided by Manerd Bird, cattle supplied by Mark Parsons, rough stock by Richards Rodeo Stock and the announcer was Matt Lait.

The Ranch Bronc Riding Winners ended in a tie between Matt Robertson and Kendall Miller.