1906 was the first year Rod trailed cattle from the Rocking P to the John Ware ranch north of Brooks, which he had purchased from Ware’s estate. To make sure they had everything they needed, the men did a “Hudson’s Bay Start”—?amassing their saddles, bridles, blankets, bedrolls, tent, harness and repairs for the wagon, axes, shovel, stove and all the cooking things they needed like flour, sugar, salt, beans, bacon, pots and pans and camped out in the yard the night before they left for the two-week trail drive. Apparently this is what the Hudson’s Bay men did before they left on a venture so this is where the saying came from.

From left: Dave Wheatcroft, Rod Macleay, Joe Case, Doc Mitchell and Chet Mitchell. Photo sourced by Ethel Schlosser.

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