CFR43 – Crooked Nose & CrAsh

Crash Cooper, a Canadian rodeo clown, gets his photo taken during the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo at the State Fair Arena in Oklahoma City, Saturday, March 31, 2012. Photo by Garett Fisbeck, For The Oklahoman
9X CPRA Entertainer of the Year, CrAsh Cooper, Senlac, Sask

It’s interesting to find out the background on some of the spectacular bulls gracing the CFR arena, and the history of Crooked Nose involves quite a clown.

The powerful bull, which tonight bucked off his rider, Wacey Finkbeiner, after a ferocious battle, was raised near Senlac, Sask., by rodeo entertainer CrAsh Cooper.

“I just raised him; probably sold him as a three-year-old,” says CrAsh. “He’s out of a cow I got from Kagan Sirett who was doing a breeding program for Calgary [Stampede] and his father was called City Lights, a bull raised by Derek Adams. He then went on to Jim Thompson and was 90 pts multiple times. He was good tonight,” laughs CrAsh.

“I kinda forgot about him because I’m so focused on the [bucking] horses. (Big Stone Rodeo’s Rubels comes from the Cooper Clan.) I guess I’ve still got some bulls out there that are doing good. It’s a part of my life I’d like to forget about,” he laughs. “What was I doing?” he groans.

There’s another side to the multi-award winning entertainer, and that is as an artist. Well, two artists actually. One is CrAsh Cooper, renowned cowboy cartoonist (you’ve seen thousands of his famous Leanin’ Tree cards), the other is Ash Cooper, fine artist and gallery owner. Whatever moniker you want to hang on him, stop by for a visit at his Ash Cooper Art & Ranch Gallery in the Western Art Gallery in RAM Country Marketplace, EXPO Centre at Northlands.