CFR43-BB-Orin Larsen

Orin Larsen, Inglis, Man.
Orin Larsen, Inglis, Man.

He’s a two-time Collegiate champion and he has qualified for the NFR in second spot, but that didn’t stop Inglis, Manitoba’s Orin Larsen from getting the shivers for his first trip to the CFR.

“It felt pretty decent,” he says. “There’s always room to improve.”

Orin finished the night in fourth spot after a nice trip on Outlaw Bucker’s Dallas Steam Sexy Buck. “I got on her at Pincher Creek and I had a good trip, so we had some pretty good chemistry tonight.”

With the opening night jitters over, Larsen is set to enjoy his first trip to the CFR.

“I was interviewed about a month ago about making the NFR (2015) before the CFR and they said, ‘Now that you’ve made the NFR, the CFR should be a cake walk,’ but I sure didn’t think it was much of a cake walk,” he laughs. “I got the chills, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up, it was pretty exciting.”

Larsen won’t lose any sleep wondering about tomorrow night’s draw. “Whatever I draw I’m just going to get on ‘em anyways,” he says. “They just run ‘em in, it doesn’t much matter to me.”