Driving Strength of the Prairie Wind

The towering structure under construction. Photo by Joan Wheat Hozack.

The massive draft horse sculpture made of horse shoes and flat metal was the most talked about artwork at the 2016 Mane Event in Red Deer.

Driving Strength of the Prairie Wind towered over the throng of admirers. “I created this draft horse hoping to capture not just the image or form,” says artisan Tim Hiller, “but the spirit of a livelihood that is disappearing. Both my grandfathers were raised knowing the forgiveness and the power these animals could bring to us.”

A welder by trade but a third-generation blacksmith at heart, it took over 400 hours to complete. This sculpture will also be at Spruce Meadows Masters Sept 7-11. Sculpture is $22,000.

For more information, please visit the artist’s website.