Dean Brody’s Gypsy Road

Dean Brody

Canadian country crooner Dean Brody has certainly come full circle in the last few years.

With a recent Juno win under his belt, and multiple Canadian Country Music Awards, Brody has an almost innate ability to mix musical genres successfully, which is reflected in his more recent albums. With a summer tour and new album slated for the fall, Brody is on a roll. Canadian Cowboy Country caught up with Brody in June at his home in Nova Scotia.

CCC: Tell me a bit about your latest album, Gypsy Road.
DB: That’s the new album out right now. We’re actually working on the next album. We just recorded four songs for the new record coming out in October. It’s a busy time! I am trying to write as fast as I can.

CCC: Do you collaborate often with other people when you are writing, or is it usually a solo endeavour?
DB: I write by myself. Once in a while I will collaborate, but for the most part I write solo and I love it actually. It’s kind of cool because I don’t have to be in a certain place to write. I don’t have to be in Nashville or LA or Vancouver; I can be anywhere. When I was co-writing I felt like I was the smallest cog in the wheel.

CCC: Where do you draw your inspiration?
DB: I have a really strange way of writing songs. Sometimes I will take pieces of an old song and slap it on a new song, or I will borrow a melody from an old song that never made it to the recording studio. Often I will be strumming my guitar and come up with a melody — that melody will inspire me whether it’s a nostalgic song or just a straight-up fun song. Then when it comes down to substance, like, what is that song about? I draw from two places really. My own experience but also sometimes I will tell a story about someone else. I am fascinated by people. A lot of my songs have some of me and some of other people.

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