Williams Lake Mountain Race

2015 Williams Lake Stampede Mountain Race Champion Darren Setah of Nemiah Valley, B.C., in the lead on his paint horse. Photo by Liz Twan.

Since early in the 1920s cowboys have raced down the side of Fox Mountain and into the Stampede grounds. It’s the closest thing to a free-for-all you’ll ever see nowadays, but even the Mountain Race has rules.

Riders must stay on the designated course of sharp turns, a mud and water hazard and a steep drop down to the track. They can be disqualified for straying from the marked course and for jostling or bumping other riders and horses. The crowds see ten riders each day, the top two from each day advances and then the winner takes all.

Congratulations to Darren Setah of Nemiah Valley, B.C., who earned the title of 2015 Mountain Race Champion. Williams Lake Stampede directors Al Wilson and Willie Crosina presented Setah with a silver buckle, 2015 rodeo poster and a cheque for $2,580.