Final WNFR 2014 Ride in Vegas

Jake Vold WNFR 2014
2014 Canadian Champion Bareback rider, claimed close to $75,000 from his first WNFR experience.

After the tenth and final round of the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo at the Thomas & Mack arena in Las Vegas, Nev., the three Canadian cowboys that made the cut into the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, left with $147,779 of the $6.375 million up for grabs.

Canada’s reinging bareback champ Jake Vold’s, is the richest cowboy to return from Vegas. His total take home from the finals was $74,988. At Vold’s first WNFR appearance, he picked up checks in eight out of the ten go-rounds.

What does he plan on doing when he gets back to Canada? Vold said he’s putting it all in the bank.

“Invest it and stuff… after the tax man,” laughed the Canadian Champ.

Besides winning lots of WNFR bucks, he also said he had an incredible experience in Las Vegas.

“I knew I was going to be amped up the first night. That was one of my highest rushes, the adrenaline rush was unbelievable.”

After the kick off, Vold said he was able to bring himself down into the competition really quick… thanks to some good advice from some of his rodeo mentors.

“I talked to Kyle Bowers and Davey Shields. I defiantly called them up, because I didn’t know what to expect. I took what they said and it worked out great.”

Curtis Cassidy cleaned up two go-round buckles (fifth and seventh performances) at Las Vegas.

Between drawing bad steers and operating on a green horse called Tank (owned by CFR Qualifier Dusty Walker), Cassidy said he was kinda disappointed in how he placed. However, he’s already looking onward and upward to next season.

“I had a new horse this year, he was a little hit and miss for me,” said Cassidy. “There were a couple nights that turned out really well. We just need a little more experience to see eye to eye and he should turn out really well. I’m just looking forward to next year, because I think he’s going to be really good.”

As for the his $43,981 in WNFR earnings… Cassidy said he’s got some plans for it this winter.

“I have a place in Arizona, that I got some fence put on it the other day and a mare motel put on it. I am hoping to get a little bit more stuff set up there and go hang out there.”

Pincher Creek’s bronc rider Dustin Flundra had some tough rounds, but said he’s looking forward to some family stuff as soon as he gets home. Flundra’s wife Niki Flundra, is expecting their second little one… very soon.

“There’s lots of family stuff going on. She’d rather be here. The 26th is the due date. She just drove home Monday morning. We’re inside of two weeks right now, she’d rather be here for sure.”

Flundra had two go-rounds where the judges said the he missed his horse out. However, this three-time WNFR veteran said he can take it all the bumps in the road, with a grain of salt.

“It was just had a little hiccup. I have nobody else to blame but myself. It’s rodeo it’s the way it works.”

Flundra said that he doesn’t fault any of the judges decisions this week.

“They don’t have the easiest job either. It’s all about the production and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes either.”

Flundra said that he had a pretty decent week and there are always things a guy could improve on in those do-over moments.

“I improved on the last time I was here. There’s always tomorrow and things that you can improve on and I will definitely do that.”

As for the $28,810 he has now to take home from Vegas, Flundra said he’s investing it in the farm at home.

“We’ve spend some of it already,” smiled Flundra. “We bought some cows.”