Calgary Stampede – Down Under

Competitors in the Calgary Stampede sponsored Bosses Draft in Longreach, Queensland. Photo by Claire Usmar.

This fall the Calgary Stampede committee sponsored the Calgary Stampede Bosses Draft in Longreach, Australia.

The annual RM Williams Longreach Muster is a competition where stockmen and women from Australia’s biggest pastoral companies ride head-to-head in a two-day competition in Queensland.

Teams competed in a range of events including, campdrafting, barrel racing, buck jumping, (which I assume is bronc riding), bull riding and an event sponsored by the Calgary Stampede — the Calgary Stampede Bosses Draft which featured three riders cutting and drafting three steers.

Traditional campdrafting involves one mounted rider riding into a “camp” (corral) which has six to eight head of cattle in it. The rider cuts out one steer (or heifer) and brings it to the front of the camp (other end of the corral). The rider blocks and turns the steer two or three times to show that they have the steer under control (cutting). The rider then calls for the gate to be opened. The cut out is worth a total of 26 points.

The rider then proceeds to draft (work) the steer around a figure eight course in the larger arena.

Once that is completed, the rider then guides the steer through the “gate” which is two pegs placed apart. Once gated, the campdraft is complete. The rider can be awarded up to 100 points. Points are awarded for horsemanship and control of the steer.