Ernie Marshall 1946-2014

Ernie Marshall. Photo courtesy of Wendy Daniels.
Ernie Marshall. Photo courtesy of Wendy Daniels.

Ernie Marshall; bull rider, turned barrelman, turned rodeo clown who enjoyed the arena in a 40+ year career which began at 14, travelling with Buddy Heaton and Cliff Claggett’s Wild West Rodeo. Some of Ernie’s most memorable stunts include an exploding outhouse, a “wild” pig and of course, his great sense of humour. He was 68.

Ernie was inducted into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2011.

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  1. I was living in Wainwright Alberta when I first met Ernie. A group of us started a clown alley called “Heart Warmer Clowns”. We did gigs and collected money for the Wainwright Hospital palliative care unit. Ernie was gracious enough to let me interview him. He gave us an insight into his career, and some advice on how to conduct ourselves, especially when being harassed by young rambunctious kids, who thought it was ok to try and pull off your clown nose etc. Ernie worked the Wainwright Stampede for many years and was a crowd favourite.
    I just watched the VHS tape and thought I had better get it transferred to CD. It bought back some good memories+

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