My Point of View September 2012


Table of Contents

Larry Robinson

Renowned multi-championship roper, trainer and cowboy mentor


Heralded worldwide as Canada’s Greatest Success Story, the PFRA has been killed?—?and no one is saying why

Rustic Ranch

The sumptious home on Willow Valley Ranch

Experience Edmonton!

Where to shop, dine, and play in CFR City

It’s a Small World

Far from being a fad, the mini’s are proving their worth in and out of the show ring

Total Control in the Saddle

Training for the perfect stop

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

A wide range of Western gift ideas!


What’s In Store…

It’s been quite a year celebrating the 15th anniversary of the magazine. We issued a poster?/?18-month calendar showing all the covers from the past years and this fall, we are launching our brand-new cookbook Recipes from the Range, filled with recipes from friends and neighbours of Cowboy.

This whole issue is packed with inspiring articles that will take you from the spectacular beginning of Living Legend Larry Robinson’s rodeo career, to what at least one historian claims really changed the face of the West; the straight razor.

Horse-wise, we’ve got a terrific article on teaching the perfect stop from a young trainer out Rollyview way. As well, we’re going where few cowboy magazines ever go?—?into the world of miniatures. This diminutive breed, represented in horses, donkeys, and the highly-regarded Lowline cattle, is a popular choice among many, including some fledgling cowboys-in-training.

If you’re coming to town for Farmfair and CFR we aim to make your stay here as much fun as possible. We know the difficulty of driving/parking a dually truck in the downtown, so we have created a shopping, dining and party on guide that is designed around Edmonton’s light rail transit system. That’s right! Park your truck at Northlands and perhaps see some more of Alberta’s capital!

Viewed as almost as devastating as the Dirty Thirties, the gut-wrenching death of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration pasture system signifies a massive change to the lives and farming practices of thousands of people here in the West. The end has been coming since 2008, and this year word is out?—?the Feds are ringing its death knell. We take a look at this decision and some of the people it will affect. Was this a good decision or was it a petty clamp-down on perceived assistance for farmers? We’ll never know the answer, but regardless, the death of the PFRA will certainly be studied for generations by historians here in Canadian Cowboy Country.