Day: October 1, 2012


Hanging Valley

We pushed our ponies ‘long the ridge What with the river running deep Current too strong to get across An’ us out scouting sheep We were way up on a

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The Death Of The PFRA

Mile after mile, earth once anchored by native grasses was blowing away, turning the heart of Canada’s Wild West into what would be known as the Dust Bowl. It was

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October/November 2012

Second Annual Shaunavon Ranch Rodeo Over 300 spectators lined the grandstand Aug 4 to enjoy a spectacle that saw 12 ranch teams entered up. Southwest historian and rodeo announcer Donnie

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Total Control in the Saddle

Teaching the Perfect Stop Top 5 Tips After the stop, walk your horse off in a different direction. As you increase your speed, remember the lightness of your pull on

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Shaving on the Range When the West Was Wild Hot water was scarce, you could give yourself a nasty cut, and in the dry prairie wind the soap could cake

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My Point of View September 2012

Table of Contents Larry Robinson Renowned multi-championship roper, trainer and cowboy mentor PFRA Heralded worldwide as Canada’s Greatest Success Story, the PFRA has been killed?—?and no one is saying why

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