What’s Your Definition of a Cowgirl?

What is Your Idea of a Cowgirl?

We were having a discussion in the office today about each person’s definition of a cowgirl…

My definition is: A cowgirl is a woman that can saddle up and rope – whether at a branding or doctoring cattle in the pasture.

What’s your definition?

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Definition of a Cowgirl?

  1. Many years ago, I remember reading an article about Jerri Duce. The author wrote that she had equality long before Women’s Lib. That was because of her skills, not because she listened to country music or dressed the part. It’s the same as anything else western; there’s a lot of wannabees out there and living on an acreage doesn’t necessarily do it.

  2. Dean, there’s lots of cowgirls out there, you just can’t see them from your office. At most of the brandings I go to in Southern Saskatchewan probably half of the heelers are of the female variety, and they’re damn good ropers.

  3. As long as you love and respect the land and the lifestyle then you can be a cowgirl. That is as long as you don’t wear a pink cowboy hat!

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