Stuffed Steak

The “stuffing” shows so attractively once the steak is cut.

Wonderful basil and tomato flavor.

Basil pesto 1?3 cup 75 mL
Sun-dried tomato pieces, soaked in boilingwater for 10 minutes and then chopped 6
Freshly ground pepper, generous sprinkle
Top sirloin steak (1 1?2 inches, 3.8 cm, thick), trimmed of fat 2 lbs. 900 g
Preheat barbecue to medium. Combine pesto, tomato, and pepper in small bowl.

Cut 3 or 4 straight gashes lengthwise down 1 side of steak, about 1?2 inch (12 mm) deep. Spread pesto mixture inside gashes. Carefully place on ungreased grill over indirect heat. Close lid. Cook for about 35 minutes until desired doneness. Slice on sharp diagonal across grain. Serves 8.

1 serving:
170 Calories
7.5 g Total Fat
2 g Carbohydrate
1 g Fibre
23 g Protein
53 mg Sodium