Day: July 7, 2010


Beef Ragout

1 cup: 169 Calories 3.5 g Total Fat 12 g Carbohydrate 2 g Fibre 23 g Protein 306 mg Sodium Hearty beef flavor is sweetened with caramelized onions. Serve this

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Stuffed Steak

The “stuffing” shows so attractively once the steak is cut. Wonderful basil and tomato flavor. Basil pesto 1?3 cup 75 mL Sun-dried tomato pieces, soaked in boilingwater for 10 minutes

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Baked Ham

Happy feasting! Easter treats This appetizing glaze is ideal for ham steaks as well as baked. Try this glaze or any of the delicious glazes suggested. Fully cooked ham (bone

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Wild Rice and Herb Stuffing

Taste the Tradition Jean Pare serves up Christmas fare – old and new Chewy with great nutty flavour. Wonderful aroma of sage and other herbs. Cans of condensed chicken broth

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Gunless, eh?

Only in Canada could Paul Gross star as a Wild West gunslinger — in a town with no gun Dust and mud come with the territory when you’re a gunfighter

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Heartland Hits Home

  CBC’s Hit TV Show Highlights Western Lifestyle   Photo by Andrew BakoHeartland cast from Season 3 – Back row from left: Shaun Johnston, Jessica Amlee, Chris Potter, Nathaniel Arcand.

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