This monument was erected in memory of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) 431 Squadron Pilot William Harold Wilson, who died when the Halifax bomber he was flying, MZ 521, crashed in Zwevezele on May 8, 1944.

Four of the seven crew members were captured by the Germans: Sgt H. Lee (RCAF Fit/Engineer); W/O2 W. Mac Stocker (RCAF Navigator); Sgt H. Walker (RCAF Mid Upper Gunner); Sgt G. Bull (RCAF Rear Gunner). However, W/O2 A. Casey (RCAF Wireless Operator) escaped, and F/O K. Schubert (Bomb Aimer) escaped and was hidden and cared for by resident Erniel Duyck in his home for four months.

Pilot Wilson is buried in the Wevelgem Communal Cemetery, along with 62 Commonwealth airmen of the Second World War who were shot down or crashed in raids or while returning from missions over Germany.

Remembrance Day (11 November) is a national holiday in France and Belgium, and war memorials like this are often visited by residents of the area, including Stefaan Schoonbaert of Zwevezele, Belgium.