Guanacaste borders Nicaragua, and is located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Guanacaste’s economic and cultural heritage is based on cattle ranching. For the past two decades tourism has grown due to the beautiful beaches and the sunny dry season that coincides with the winter months in northern latitudes. The province also has seven national parks.The province is also home to Finca Casagua, one of the finest Spanish Criollo horse ranches in the area, and the Painted Pony Guest Ranch. Sean and Holly LaBrie and friends went to Costa Rica for a wedding then enjoyed a great ride from the Painted Pony to Bar La Cima.

Pictured from left to right: Lisa Mercer, matron of honour, the bride Tara Wesner (1999 Calgary Stampede Princess), friend of the bride Holly LaBrie (1997 Calgary Stampede Queen), Sean LaBrie, friend of the bride (and 2012 Wild Cow Milking Champion-Calgary Police Rodeo) and Esteban Peraza, owner, breeder and trainer of Spanish Criollo horses at his ranch, Finca Casagua.