Pioneer Plaza is a large public park in downtown Dallas, Texas. Installed in 1994, the large sculpture commemorates 19th century cattle drives that took place along the Shawnee Trail, the earliest and easternmost route by which Longhorn cattle were taken to northern railheads. The trail passed through Austin, Waco, and Dallas until the Chisolm Trail siphoned off most of the traffic in 1867.

The 49 bronze steers and three cowboy sculptures were created by artist Robert Summers of Glen Rose, Texas. Each steer is larger-than-life at six feet high; all together the sculpture is the largest bronze monument of its kind in the world. Set along an artificial ridge and past a man-made limestone cliff, native landscaping with a flowing stream and waterfall help create the dramatic effect. As a work-in-progress, occasionally another steer is added to the herd.

Next to Dealey Plaza, Pioneer Park is the second-most-visited tourist attraction in downtown Dallas and, to date, has welcomed millions, including Wendie and Geri Demyen of Dawson Creek, B.C