Dave Majeski, Vice-President Real Estate, Royal Bank of Canada and Grant McCurdy, General Manager of the Mayfield Inn & Suites Edmonton and their spouses, along with two other Edmonton couples, joined Richard Wong and his family and friends for the 2012 Wong Koon Yau and Lavinia Ranadi family reunion held every five years in Fiji. It was a once in a lifetime cultural experience, and an inside look into the family history spanning six generations, with 248 attending the opening night reception. The Edmonton visitors enjoyed the week-long celebration which included activities such as golf, lawn bowling, darts, and snooker competitions. The theme of the reunion was “one family growing together”.

Following the reunion, the group spent some relaxing time at Octopus Resort on Waya Island, located in the Yasawa Group of islands only 2 hours by boat from the mainland. Activities included fishing, snorkeling, swimming with the giant manta rays, and gazing upon the stars of the southern hemisphere. Fiji boasts some of the warmest, friendliest smiling faces anywhere in the world and we enjoyed every second of it.

Photo courtesy Dave Majeski