Whether your homestead is five minutes outside the town limits or four hours down a winding gravel road, building in the country presents many rewards and its own unique set of challenges.

Over the years we’ve received many requests for information on home builders and specialty suppliers that will ply their craft in a rural environment. We started our annual Home Builder’s Showcase in response to the demand and we plan to keep it growing, branching out to encompass a wide range of builders including custom and specialized craftspeople.

Whether you plan to enjoy the horizon-wide, glorious sunsets on the expansive prairie or seek to build a sheltered cabin in the mountain pines, you need a place to start your search for the professionals that will best suit your unique requirements.

Happy planning!

Winter Landscaping

Winter is often a downtime for landscapers and homeowners alike. However, with the help of a landscaping contractor a great winter landscape can be planned so that your yard will offer a great scene when the snow comes. Features such as rocks, trees, fences and other items can be lit up at night so that the area looks like a magical place… read more »

Common Home Building Mistakes

Building a new home, for many people, is a dream come true. What could be better than watching the construction and helping in the planning of your very own new house? While this process is undeniably exciting, unfortunately it’s also full of potentially costly mistakes… read more »

Most Common Mistakes in Barns, Gazebos and Sheds

Home additions aren’t just about adding on to your existing house. In many cases, building a separate structure can add as much enjoyment to your home as enlarging a room. While adding a new structure to your property is exciting, there are some commonly made mistakes which, unfortunately, take a lot of fun out of both the process and the end result. Thankfully, these mistakes are easy to avoid with a bit of forethought and planning… read more »

Useful Resources for Homeowners and Contractors

Browse through and locate useful national and provincial resources for homeowners, business owners, contractors and service professionals, including national permit information and license requirements… read more »

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