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  1. Noted cowboy craftsman Jerry Swanson lost most of his trappings in the Medicine Hat flood

  2. Judging by that picture, I don’t think I want to come back as a penner’s horse in my next life.

  3. Bluebird Valley Ranch from the Chain Lakes area of Southern Alberta. They had a heck of a drive to get up to Sundre, but it was sure worth their while!
    I’ll be posting more on the 2nd Annual Sundre Ranch Rodeo – with additional info in the Oct/Nov issue of CCCM – under Ranch Rodeo Roundup. :)

  4. I haven’t seen the touring ride in a few years but I know that when I saw it in Fort Macleod a few years ago, there were plenty of youth there. I also know that most of the people (late teens, early twenties) I hang out with would love to see the Ride. It’s an amazing thing to see. Just Awesome!

  5. Now isn’t that the million dollar question! If you ever find the answer share it with rodeo organizers, casino owners or for that matter CFL football. Great products all but the audience seems to be getting older and fewer in numbers. I refuse to believe everything today has to be ” extreme” in nature to draw a crowd. If I remember correctly the musical ride never did draw a young crowd but they sure did bring out the families. So where are they? Sounds like grandparents are the only ones left who still value family time.

  6. Well Tex, the reason my boots are fancy is because, well, my looks are fading fast – so I realized I’d either have to develop a personality or get really great boots.
    Buying boots was easier. LOL

  7. I’m sure the prairie dogs stayed away from the wedding. I heard that Karson and Sue got married in a pasture – not sure if it’s true, but regardless, on the wedding poster it said to ‘bring your lawn chair’ and I doubt if the prairie dogs have one.

  8. what are the times for the 3 day show at the Sylvan show and sale? Newspaper article is kinda iffy. Thank you. M.

  9. Jeez, you’re right Marlene – it needed more info. I’m going to repost this again as it’s coming up asap.
    Medicine Hills Arts Festival

    Thursday Aug. 4: 3:00 – 9:00 pm
    Friday Aug. 5: 1:00 – 9:00 pm
    Saturday Aug 6: 10:00 – 9:00 pm

  10. I’m out here in Southern Saskatchewan 3 hours east of the Alberta border. Those B.C. fires are even evident out here. This morning there is less than a quarter mile visibility and even a confirmed cigarette smoker like me can smell the smoke in the air.

  11. Yeah! The wild horse advocates killed those horses, not the helicopter running them for miles in searing heat. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Sue sees right through these things!

    And it was probably the advocates who fenced them off from all the water…yeah, the advocates! Obviously!

    And the 150 horses that died in the BLM holding pens in the weeks and months after the Calico roundup. That will be harder to blame on the advocates, but I know Sue can find a way!

  12. I had the honor of riding the whole trail with Fern. She is a joy and inspiration to us all. Unfortunately, I had to use 2 horses as mine was injured by another along the way. But, we did it!!

    Hopefully our journey will make someone elses journey with breast cancer a little easier to bear.

  13. Congratulations to you too, Joanne! Fern said there were five riders that went the distance – plus the wagon.
    I was sorry to hear your horse was injured. I understand the vet, Deb Carroll, was terrific and gave everyone a tour of their horse-specialized West Wind vet facility at Sherwood Park.

  14. Hi Terri, John here, from Bluebird Valley Ranch, just wanted to say thanks and let you know how much we appreciated the hospitality. Sundre is one of the best ranch rodeos we have been to.

  15. Hi John,
    We’re publishing a nice photo of the Bluebird Valley Ranch team in the upcoming Oct/Nov 2010 issue of Canadian Cowboy Country magazine, along with news and photos of the winners and participants from some of the other great ranch rodeos across the country.

  16. Many years ago, I remember reading an article about Jerri Duce. The author wrote that she had equality long before Women’s Lib. That was because of her skills, not because she listened to country music or dressed the part. It’s the same as anything else western; there’s a lot of wannabees out there and living on an acreage doesn’t necessarily do it.

  17. Dean, there’s lots of cowgirls out there, you just can’t see them from your office. At most of the brandings I go to in Southern Saskatchewan probably half of the heelers are of the female variety, and they’re damn good ropers.

  18. What a great song and cause! You can buy the song on iTunes for $1.29. It’s a small amount for all of us to contribute, but it adds up quickly…

  19. As long as you love and respect the land and the lifestyle then you can be a cowgirl. That is as long as you don’t wear a pink cowboy hat!

  20. I am interested in my daughter whom is Miss Teen Medicine Hat but is moving to Calgary in one week, enter the contest, however she turns 18 February 19/2012, CAN SHE STILL ENTER? I would like her to be in the Calgary Stampede Parade too, if that is possible and the possibility of her facepainting, at the Calgary Stampede, she does excellent princess paintings and gives them a crown too, if the children want that, she has someone help her with the boys, and she does take free pictures too,everyone wants a pitcure with a princess. She can do native designs and work at the native sight this stampede yr too. please let us know, she is hired from the Med Hat Stampede, so either fee for service or she charges for facepainting. Thanks Laurie Oulette, Manager and Artistic Director with Sunworks Arts and Cultural Society, we can also teach modeling and dance to the children too.

  21. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all families in the loss of their loved ones. I was very fortunate to have worked with Wade at Manning Mercury in North Battleford for a number of years.

  22. The Calgary Stampede is an ‘invitation-only’ rodeo so the only way in is, well, by invitation.
    Since going to this new format, the Calgary Stampede has lost its professional status and is not sanctioned by either the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association or the American’s Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association.
    While winning the Stampede does not count in moving a competitor up the professional ranks, it does help their bank account.
    However, the Calgary Stampede Ranch, ably managed by Raymond Goodman, continues to supply rodeo stock to professional rodeos, thereby qualifying their stock for professionally-sanctioned rodeos, including the Canadian Finals and National Finals Rodeo.

  23. An incredible peice of ranch land. I thought my Familys ranch of 300 acres was big. Now I see we were a little quarter in the big country. What a legacy to give to the future generations. Land is for everyone, and forever. Care and responsibility of it is for the few. Good gentalman
    ” Doc ” Seaman was and really still is. Like I said INCREDIBLE!!!

  24. A very thoughtful piece that conveyed your emotion very well and truely gave the reader a short but real glimpse into the perspective of youth rodeo. CHEERS – Kayle

  25. I completely agree with this article… Children do not have the responsibility to safely ride ATVs. When you’re younger than 16 you have the notion of being invincible, and no regard for your safety or others safety. There have been so many deaths that could have easily been prevented.

  26. Hello. My name is Jane Saundercook. Your website has been given to me by an open custody facility for young women. I started my journey a year ago and opened in May, 2011.

    Just to give you a bit of my history, I am a single mom of three boys (one having Aspergers/Autism). He is high functioning and his disability is invisible except for the most basic life skills – self awareness. He lacks basic social skills and suffers because people just don’t get it. He struggles in the mainstream system. He is one of many many youth that cannot understand why they act the way they do. I started this program and it works 100 percent. The horses are the teachers! I would love to be able to share this to the many youth that are in such desperate need. I don’t know if you are able to help me at all but I believe that all things happening to me on this journey are happening for a reason. I would appreciate having an opportunity to speak with you.
    Thank you.

  27. Thanks for this interview! I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Jason at BVJ this year, so hopefully he’ll be back soon!

  28. I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to a record breaking winter, but it’s going to take a little more than some cold weather and snow to keep me from my horses!

  29. These actions were not justified. If the cop making the kill shot can’t hit the cow in the head then there should be an alternative. Cop should also be sent for more gun training cause he cant hit the broad side of a barn.

  30. I think the animal rights should get invlved with this. For the fact is if anybody else did what these stupid cops did we would be charged with animal abuse!Those cows were scared of the sirens and lights. What ever happened to using your brain. …………like tranquilizing them and putting them in a trailer or corraling them up! How would the cop like to suffer like the cows!

  31. Now for all you CITY people that have never been around a cow, bull ,steer,hefer or a calf for that matter i will explain something to all of you . When you get a large ( steer ) thats what it looks like in the video and if you dont no what a (steer) is look it up or any bovien that has a CITY SLICKER term so you all can understand A MEAN STREAK in them you dont want to be standing any where near them because they will CHARGE YOU AND KILL YOU IF THEY CAN now this (steer) looks to be close to the city well im sure if your child was outside and this (steer) charged your child and killed him or her you would want the (steer) shot so in conclusion to your short lesson on how some CATTLE can behave . What the police did was to protect all you CITY FOLK so that no one got killed because the only cattle you people have ever seen was in a petting zoo . So i would say THANK YOU TO THE POLICE FOR PROTECTING ALL OF YOU .

  32. Rosemarie………get off the weed and go back to the woods………..this is unusual punishment and crulity towards an amimal, I, as a retired police officer would be ashamed of myself for causing such a painful death to an amimal and for being undertrained in the use of a fire arm, YOU MORONS (PO) should defenitely loose your firearms licence and be charged for crulety of an animal. Tina, I agree with you, the cow should have been tranquilized……..So much for your short lesson Roseknowitall, the closest you’ve been to a cow, steet, bull, etc. is in the toy section of Toys R US store……….and by the way, we do run a beef ranch……….F@#$^ morons………….

  33. this is one of the cruelest executions i have ever seen!!!!! the officers should be charged with animal cruelty!!!!! and they wonder why they are refferd to as PIGS its apolling! There is absolutely noreason why they couldnt have tranquilized them !!!

  34. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and, we weren’t present to the actual situation. None the less,. growing up on a farm myself, and seeing many times a similar situation, there are ways to handle such a situation without over reacting in such a cruel, “gun happy ” way. I doubt very much the officers are trained to handle (animal situations etc) and hopefully, had the safety of the public in mind. Bottom line being, this animal was loose, terrified and confused with all the lights flashing, sirens blasting and people yelling and screaming at it, as we can all see when looking at it. It didn’t know which way to turn. Who, or what would in the same situation? I did not see this animal (charge) anyone, and feel the officers went over board in a cruel way of killing this poor animal, who suffered terribly before dieing in such a manner…

  35. Ps, i have seen (charging Bulls, steer, cows, and even calfs) before, and this was NOT a charge in my opinion. Not all of us are “city slickers ” as Rosemarie mentioned and we DO know the difference with cattle. Regardless of what it was, it was killed in a terrible way, and sickens me to no end. Riddling a terrified animal with bullets (from the wrong type of gun) would cause a very slow, agonizing death to this animal…

  36. Well Rosemarie it is a matter of fact I live on a farm and I also have cattle ! What pisses me off is this cow was scared and wasn”t charging when the cops cruely shot and as far as I am concerned tortured this poor animal and they should be punished for it. If I was to shoot one of my cows ten times or more before doing the kill shot I would be convicted of animal abuse! So what makes the cops right? Isn”t animal abuse animal abuse?

  37. This is appauling to say the least when all they had to do was get a rope and keep the cow contained till its owners came that obviously would know how to handle the situation and lead the cow to green pastures absolutely horrible this guy obviously is not a farm person at all . Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!

  38. I am a city girl and I’ve never lived on a farm or where there is wild animals. I’ve always dreamed of living on a farm or in the country but I agree with Tina, Karen and City Slicker. This is in fact animal cruelty. I also believe that the police should be charge of such a thing and should also get extra training on how to handle wildlife in such places. This way they can TRANQUILIZE THE ANIMALS and not KILL THEM!
    I also think that they should of gotten some guideance on how to handle the cow by speaking to someone from the WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT! So in my mind, they should also get charge for not being there with the tranquilizer.

  39. As a past resident of the area… now living in Yellowknife, NT… I am a polled at the inhumane treatment if this cow. This is nothing more than cruelty to animals. If this had to be done… it should have been done in a humane way… I hope the police get some extra training on how to handle such situations in the future. Bad cops!!!

  40. The winner was selected and notified on November 14th. I do not believe they have announced publicly who the winner is yet though!

  41. You will be missed Ernie. You were a symbol of stability for our small town High River.
    We were blessed to have you make it your home.

  42. Hi Janette,

    I have looked around a little bit, but unfortunately I was unable to come up with any information about the book. I would recommend going to a second hand book store and asking – they might be able to provide you with some more information!

  43. Hello,
    I was just reading your ad for a position as a Sales Coordinator and I fit that position perfectly, in work and life experience. I am currently looking for employment, but unfortunately I am in Central Alberta about an hour and 15 minutes southeast of Red Deer. If you are ever looking for someone in this area I would be very interested in hearing from you.
    Thanks and happy trails,
    Myrna Raymond

  44. Hi Myrna,
    Currently we are looking for someone to be in the office. But I will keep you in mind in case that changes!

  45. Why would u shoot them when u can trap them? They are still living creatures – take the humane method.

  46. i live in phoenix and have early stew cameron art with most of the characters named in the events…..i know some-one up there would really appreciate these …hugh 623 330 2200 or

  47. She should be charged with theft by deception, because she gave her word that these horses would be placed in good homes.People trusted her. and being a horse owner I know that it can be difficult to keep a horse at certain times in your life, but you do not send any horse to a slaughter house. It seems we live in time when animals are not important. Tougher penalties should be put in place to address these people.

  48. I think he should stick to what he knows. Proper safety measures are taken and the Stampede is very cautious with animal safety. Maybe Barker should talk to a few people about what goes on behind the scenes instead of just blowing off on a topic he doesn’t understand.

  49. all this is doing is getting the calgary stampede more publicity, making it a even bigger event. thanks bob barker.

  50. that is to great! tyson’s love and enthusiasm for the sport is very inspirational. not many men would post a video of them riding a pony!


  52. What a great follow up – thanks! Way too often we don’t get to hear how things are going.

    And Nate, Dee & Walker congratulations on a great recovery – this is one that the moose didn’t win!

  53. Thank you for doing such a great job for johns bio.
    We had Johns son Arthur at our table for years. John is our great,great,great uncle. Good Job

  54. HI just comenting on the bar u score for the bronk ride or the lack there of! as we did get a qualified ride in the event, on the final night.

  55. Banff has lost a pioneer. An amazing man, Bud exemplified the definition of hard worker, futurist and happiness.
    What a wonderful man.

    I will miss him greatly.

    Greg Stevens
    MLA Banff-Cochrane 1979-89

  56. There’s also one in Cluny, AB:

    The Country Farmhouse – contact person: Diane Brown
    phone: 403-734-2593
    website: countryfarmhouse.ca

  57. They belong to me and my wife and kids and there future kids
    and my neighbors here in New Brunswick so leave them alone!

  58. Ash,
    As the 90th Anniversary past president of the Reno Rodeo, I am most proud to see you return to our arena for this year’s rodeo.
    I was unaware of your personal loss until just recently. Our thoughts and prayers to out to both you and your family.
    My best and warmest regards, always,
    Gordie Cowan

  59. Hi Kelly,
    I am not too sure if they are doing it again this year. If you call the numbers above or e-mail them, I am sure they will be able to confirm for you!

  60. hello,
    i would lake to work as a cowboy, í´m from mexico if you have an oportunity for me I´ll be very happy I drem to work in canada thanks.

  61. I’m looking for material of Ian’s that may have included guitarist Jeff Le Shepard…any lead would be great.

  62. Moose(Rod Warren)and I became friends years ago ,when we met at the at the P.N.E we were just kid’s back then,over the years we remained friends. I loved watching him ride. Rod alway’s made it look so easy ,he was definatley going to leave his mark on rodeo.As time whent bye and we started families of are own we lost touch.I bye chance read your article on Rod being inducteed in to the rodeo hall of fame ,and wanted to congragulate him and wish him the best.

  63. Forget the homeless, I’ll take it! Once the meat is frozen it’s perfectly safe, plus if cooked properly it’s doubly safe. And if not for humans, what about dog food, or cat food, or give it to the zoos, or,or or… Surly we can come up with a better idea than throwing it in a land fill. Brian Mason is just grandstanding, as usual.

  64. same for me….stop alerting every body !!!! Well cooked and frozen food= 0 problem….(sorry I’ m a french can. )but here in Québec it’s like every body are affraid and there is no reason!Like I said in an other web. site…it’s when you don’t take care of the chaine of manipulation….that it’s dangerous.There is many solutions before throwing all that food to waste!!! Come on !!!When you travel….you can see more disgusting things: like food hanging with fleases all around!!!

  65. What is the name if that retired bull fighter? To me, he was the best that ever lived. I don’t think he retired that long ago. Sorry, I’ve been a little out of touch lately.



    • Sorry Mert; that’s something I’ve been diligent about in the past. I’ll make sure I have more coverage. I personally REALLY enjoy ranch rodeo too. -editor

  66. I personally think this amazing posting , “TAILS equine stars receive Hollywood training | Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine”, especially enjoyable and also the blog post ended up being
    a terrific read. Thanks-Kathie

  67. I would love to see honesty in every section of the food industry – including organic! I’m pretty sure most consumers understand that cross-contamination with GMOs is a given in North America but I would love to see percentages on all labels, organic or otherwise, so that I could decide which products to buy. So, head out of the sand, organic industry, we won’t jump ship!

  68. Well I guess it’s okay then to show your bare boobs and ass all over the place and not offend any fans but good lord express an opinion which has proven true over time and the poor fans are offended! What a crock

  69. Kick his ass out. I liked Blake the key word is liked. I will not be buying anymore of his records, with attitude like that he has NO place in Country Music. Country is what made Blake what he is.

  70. Blake is a really poorly spoken person since there is a wave of ‘old country’ on the comeback and many of the younger generation are loving these tunes. Perhaps he is feeling threatened by this. What he said was a slap to many and I think he should get down off his royal stage and shovel his sh.. elsewhere.

  71. let him do what he wants. it just ain;t country. for that matter a lot of the new stuff isn;t even music.

  72. wow another great year to watch the trainer’s challenge. I read their websites and all 3 look amazing. The one that really impressed me is Heath. The following is from his website :



    If any of these things are how you describe
    your horse then you have come to the right place. Don’t give up. Most problems
    can be fixed in one session. And during the 3 hour session not only will your
    horse’s attitude change but you will learn as well.

  73. If this bannock is like their horses,I will have it at every rodeo.I own one of their cayuses and she was no accident.She was put together with a goal in mind.

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  75. I prey for you Randy, get well , love you , take care. This time you come first before anybody or anything.

  76. I used to manage the Texas Prison Rodeo in Huntsville and in I believe it was 1969 or 1970 I had Cliff bring his chuck-wagons and chariots to race for us. In 1978 I was out on the prairires of western Canada and ran into someone who had known Cliff and told me of his death. What a great guy and wonderful showman.

  77. Good for you George, make sure you know your stuff! There is so much good to be done and this is the party to do it with!

  78. You go get’m Taylor! It’s a great thing to be confident in yourself enough to show your true colors. Keep’m shinin’ bright!

  79. I believe that Ann Bassett was only one of possibly three women who used the name of Etta or Ethel Place when she was traveling with The Sundance Kid.

  80. Really love the show, not many you can watch that does not have a lot of bad words. Please keep it that way. God Bless all of the cast!!!

  81. Talk is cheap, you know when you have a politician your most certainly not going to be sold the facts. Where are the facts, where is the documentation that wolves indeed kill that many cattle?

    Or is this to cover up what they made in insurance claims?

  82. I’d very much like to know what they used to clean Patrick. I have a mare with very similar markings and would love to know what products and procedures they used on him. Specifically what they used to get his body so clean.

  83. I don’t know why the author of this article associates the katana in the photograph with the ninja – there is absolutely nothing there to indicate such a connection.

  84. I met Cliff and Allie Claggett when I was 12, at the Saskatoon Pioneer Days. Turns out they had known my parents in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. The following summer I was fortunate enough to travel with them for the summer throughout Manitoba. We traveled in a converted Greyhound diesel bus and I was given my own pony (Trigger) to ride whom I was lucky enough to ride in the parades. I had a wonderful summer and Cliff even taught me to drive a pony chariot. I will always cherish the time that I was able to spend with them.

  85. Thank you to the Froleck Ranch for your generosity in allowing hunters on your land. I walk or drive around and often think, “If I owned this property, I would want things done exactly like you’re doing them.
    Thanks so much,
    Eric McCooeye

  86. Nice of you Tom to pass this on to me I hope you don’t mind Tom I passed everything on to Winston!

  87. 13.11 on the barrel racing….IS THAT NUMBER CORRECT….!! Holy Crap….and tell me WHO are the header and heeler horses for each of the teams….is it right that the header horse was the winner in 4 of the top 5 and the heeler horse winner in 5 of the top 6..somebody who owns those horses is making some serious coin at this event…!

  88. I remember my mom talking about her cousins Lois and Claire. Her name was Tee Taylor Madison. Her father John Taylor was a brother to their mom. They got together for many family reunions, in the day.

  89. I have Van Ginkels CS poster, framed and hung in my front parlour….how exciting to see that his art is now ON THE MOVE….and what a great idea to create rolling art for the canvas of the chucks…..looking forward to seeing more of that in the future…

  90. i m a Gilchrist very interested in history of ranch, my Uncle Sandy Gilchrist once had the ranch I think Bar X Bar still on the gate my dad Drew Gilchrist worked for Sandy. Not sure . who is running ranch now. very interested in some up dates

  91. has the crown land gone to province or municipalities? or is it rented to the municipalities? does this change hunting rights or privileges. is it still crown land in certain areas?

    • To protect yourself and landowners, I would suggest getting in touch with the municipality where you hope to hunt for more information on the available areas. I know that nowadays with the increase in biosecurity, trespassers are being prosecuted.

  92. This is wonderful well explained..wish I could download it for furture references. I am well … retired now and would love to try to break another colt. not sure it is smart but did it years ago..I move slower now but I love to work with young horses. I enjoyed this read so much thank you. Makes me feel like trying again (but will see) lol!

  93. We have just gotten to view this gentle and inspiring show; and are enjoying it! LOVE the horses! We are fans of John Scott and his video: World of Horses!
    Keep up the good work!

  94. Heartland’s early seasons provided uplifting, awesome scenery. I felt I was in the mountains surrounded by one of nature’s most beautiful spots, filled with vibrant horses. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole production, story line, and actors.
    I reviewed an episode “Out of the Darkness”. There’s a scene of Amy and Tim meeting, finally, on their horses to talk. The background, the companionship or horse and people talks to me.
    Are there any prints available for sale of this scene? I’d sure love one on my living room wall.
    Thank you for the show. I do think the earlier ones showed more scenery and horses running, and I miss that.

  95. Hi Liz, this is Lyle Twan Jr……(not really Jr I’m 55 now). My dad was Lyle Twan Sr and my grandfather Dave Twan. I was telling my wife about the ranch and showing her the website and history. My dad brought my brother John Twan and myself to the ranch when we were kids 12-13? A very long time ago but I never forgot about it. Just wanted to say hi and hopefully make it out that way again someday. Love the website/photos and all the history.

  96. Hi to the Heartland cast. My husband and I absolutely LOVE the show! We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year on July 16. As a surprise to my husband, I have booked a room in a nearby hotel from July 13-16 and I plan on taking him to see some of the heartland filming sites by car. I understand they are closed sets so we will only be getting as close to the sites as we can. I was wondering if you would consider having someone show us some of the sites and sounds of heartland in person? It would absolutely make our 25th anniversary memorable forever! I realize that I am certainly not the only person to request something like this, but it would make our dreams come true. Thank you for your consideration of this request. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  97. a great horse BUT he will not be running in the Breeders Cup due to lameness…..i suspect the mark of a GREAT race horse is to actually stay sound for the complete year of racing and American Pharoah managed to do that and win the Breeders Cup as well as the Triple Crown….his foals are selling now in the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS at the Keeneland sales….crazy money for a chance at a colt that might be able to duplicate his dad’s success….

  98. My husband and I live in Indiana, only 4 hours from Detroit Michigan & Ontario Canada. We delivered trailers monthly traveling through Saskatchewan or Montana into Alberta. We especially love the scenery near Calgary and Edmonton. Your show hits home with us and our love of horses, farm life, blended family, and Amy’s pure character. I love that I found it on Light TV this summer when I could catch up with 2 episodes nightly from the beginning to yesterday’s season 12 premiere. We love all the characters, but the show would not work without Amy & Ty. Keep up the great work. We cried for you during the real life fires West of you this last year. Looking forward to Maggie’s in NYC. Love and Admiration, The Mishler’s.

  99. I would suggest you contact the Metis Association of BC. They would be able to answer your questions or at least point you in the right direction to find the answers.

  100. Hello,
    I was wondering if I could order an article I wrote about David Maurice titled ‘One Working Cowboy – written in the late 90s.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  101. I never understood why they have separate contests for natives and others. Shouldn’t they have one contest for Stampede Queen and whoever wins, wins regardless of race or colour?

  102. Hey Lyle! I came across this post while looking for photos of your dad? Is he ‘Jackie’ Twan who made the Cherryville weaving looms and was married to Wanja for 11 years? I’m trying to find his photo to provide to other Cherryville loom owners in the western provinces. Until now, not many of us even knew his name but I’m piecing some history together so it’s not lost. Thanks for any help and sorry if I have the wrong Twan!

  103. I LOVE Heartland. I’ve watched 11 seasons over the past month! It has made retirement more bearable for me. Watching the character’s live’s develop is a treat. The family dysfunctions have me yelling directions like ‘just tell her!’ when one of them is withholding information. Or making snide comments like ‘you are such an idiot!’ or ‘STOP YELLING!’ especially to Tim. The horses are beautiful and a joy to watch (I’m a city kid who has always loved horses but kind of afraid of them.) I can’t wait to watch the next episode. The way they help others and support each other and work through their problems is inspiring. I’m obsessed with this show! Thanks for such an enjoyable and warm hearted program that has lovely music and brings laughter and tears. Melna

  104. Our phone number was listed as M. Schott in the Calgary directory and for years we would get calls from guys asking for Myron. Finally one day I asked, “Who is this Myron”. The gentleman told me – Myron Szott – the best darn fiddle player in the country. He’s played with Ian Tyson for years. I never got to meet either of them but they are both often in my thoughts.

  105. As an old all around hand in all the riding and timed events I look forward to the NFR every year but lately I have been totally turned off by what I been seeing. You can not convince me that the drawing is being done fairly, or that the judges are being honest. The only thing running like clock work is the crookedness going on. There has to be a better way to address the wrongs that have been going on for years.

  106. Dec 28/20
    Lenore & Roy, I went to school with Roy & the Bews Family were friends of the Lawrence & Virginia Watrin Family. I loved seeing & reading about You Fellow Cowboy/Cowgirl Folks.
    The Bews Family & Watrin Family were famous competitors/winners at many Calgary Stampedes For many years. My uncle Slim Watrin & my uncle Leo Watrin both won Bronc Riding events at The Calgary Stampede in late !920s. I tip my hat to you Lenore for TRUE COWGIRL spirit.
    I am a retired Vet & Old Cowboy, now living on my Farm here on Vancouver Island.
    Bless you both for living a wonderful ranch/cowboy life
    You both are my heros
    Much Love
    Dr. Larry Watrin

  107. Jack,
    I was a young Vet, just starting out in my Profession, in Innisfail, & The Daines Family all treated me Like family & a true FRIEND.
    I won my 1st calf Roping at 17 years of age at the Patricia Stampede( A CPRA show), before going off to Vet College at Guelph ON.( Only Vet College in Canada in those days.
    Your Dad remembered my famous bronc riding Father & My uncles, Slim & Leo.
    I’ve had an amazing life growing up on a small RANCH, in the Foothills west of High River, Worked at race Tracks, Kentucky, Ontario, & was the Chief Vet for The Alberta Horse Racing Commission for 25 years. Now I own/operate an orchard in Comox Valley, Vancouver Island. I’m 83 yrs young now, but keep busy on my farm.
    You & your sons were my heros & still are.
    Blessings brother
    Larry Watrin
    retired Vet & old Cowboy

  108. Wow, Interesting read…and so satisfying that the goal of maintaining good soil, grass and environment results a byproduct of healthy livestock… its a win/win…

  109. I find this so interesting as my Great Grandfather J.R. Banta was a foreman on a ranch in the Bassano area. They stayed in John Wares cabin on this ranch I think McClays owned it.

  110. My husband and I just love Heartland and will be sad when we have watched all the Seasons. Thank you to everyone involved

  111. I have fond memories of many years of summers and other seasons visiting and quite often working and helping my uncle Dave Hill with ranching chores such as being a gate opener and closer, shotgun rider navigator passenger and all the other unforgettable memories helping with, irrigation, hay bailing and in winter riding on the skid of hey bales cutting bales open and pushing them off for the following cattle providing them sustenance when grazing was not so plentiful for the cattle during the winters. The years of many found memories and learned experiences being brought up to my uncles place with my grandmother Dariel Hill to help tend to my uncles gardens and all the times my Uncle Dave would bring me along to help him with tending to all the ranch lands and cattle certainly promoting his production of work saving him valuable time and easing his work load with my eagerness to come along and explore the world of cattle ranching experiencing with him quite often the interesting to my young mind and willingness to learn all he did on a regular basis for many years. I really want to thank the Froleck’s family for the great experiences I got exposed to working with my uncle at times as a willing volunteer to get to go on all the great expeditions as a young man who enjoyed that lifestyle and adventures as much as I did and really miss that area and lands that were so familiar to me back then. Wonderful memories and experiences to have as a young man learning the ropes and how to operate many different pieces of equipment as I rode shotgun with Dave all the times I did. Awesome and unforgettable times thankyou to the Froleck’s family and my Uncle Dave for the experiences and times that I will never forget!!!

  112. Hi, what pedigree or name belongs to Charger…. he looks exactly like my buckskin Joey…. who is Ginger Poco de Oro. Thanks lv

  113. It great to hear you are on the road to recovery Mel. I pray God will continue to heal you and give comfort to Margie, and the rest of your family.

  114. This was a very interesting story. My father worked on the ranch for 4 years in the 1930’s. Wynn Johnson owned it at the time. My grandparents knew him and he hired my dad to help out the family as my grandfather had recently had a stroke and could not work. I believe my dad worked in the store. I have been going through some of his photos from those days. As kids we visited the ranch in 1957 and my husband and I visited it again in 2013. What a beautiful place it is and I was so pleased to see on the surface it looked as I remembered it. Thanks for sharing the history.

  115. I was living in Wainwright Alberta when I first met Ernie. A group of us started a clown alley called “Heart Warmer Clowns”. We did gigs and collected money for the Wainwright Hospital palliative care unit. Ernie was gracious enough to let me interview him. He gave us an insight into his career, and some advice on how to conduct ourselves, especially when being harassed by young rambunctious kids, who thought it was ok to try and pull off your clown nose etc. Ernie worked the Wainwright Stampede for many years and was a crowd favourite.
    I just watched the VHS tape and thought I had better get it transferred to CD. It bought back some good memories+

  116. my great great grandfather was Blas Leon as mentioned in this article. He came from California to BC with Mr Garcia as they were childhood friends. I wonder if he is buried at the Coldwater cemetery? His wifes name is Ratchinak and Louise was her english name. They had a son Serapio who was raised on the Spanish Ranch at Clinton by the Bernals after his dad was killed by the tree 15Dec1877. Anybody have any info where Blas could be buried or where i could find out more?

  117. The Bews purchased their ranch from my 2nd Great Grandfather John J. Sullivan (actually his wife Barbara after he passed). I would love to know if anyone out there knows any of the history of the Sullivan ranch.

  118. I have been enjoying looking at my father’s Photos of Alkalai Lake Ranch from the 1930’s. He worked in the store there for 4 years. I would love to see more pictures if you have them from that era and would be happy to share the ones I have.

  119. I’m very into horses (riding and training) but have never been interested in the rodeos before. The video was quite entertaining. Very surprising to see how athletes manage to stay in the saddle for so long in your bucking bronc event.

  120. Can anyone find information on Paint’s information? Every article I have found talks about the other horses, but I want to learn about Paint’s real name and age and such.

  121. This should be read by each member of the current UCP Govt..How can they ignore the facts.

  122. This makes me sick to my stomach & angry, so angry at the sneaky, underhanded manoeuvres of this government, selling off the destruction of our beautiful Rockies & pristine water for a pittance, along with free water allocations. The few jobs that it will create is not worth the long term negative impacts on our environment & tourism industry.

    Thank you for this comprehensive write up! I’m rallying with thousands of other Albertans, ranchers, indigenous folks, fisherman, hikers etc to protect these invaluable natural resources.

  123. Very informative and well written article. It is critical that this information reach as many people as possible. Many in Alberta do not realize the imminent threat to our way of life thanks to the greed, treachery, and hypocrisy of our government.

  124. Sid Marty, not known for overly dramatic theatrics, has done all Albertans a favour with his clear summary of the situation we are facing

  125. What a comprehensive and eye opening piece. I am thankful to have received and read this and would suggest that everyone in the province get a copy. Thanks Sid.

  126. Excellent article. Clarifies a lot of issues and answers a lot of questions. Btw… if you want to see how deep Australians can go, take a look at the “big holes” in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and Broken Hill (aptly named) New South Wales

  127. My hero! I live just a few miles from where R.D. lived when he worked for Scotty Gow 1904 on the Box Elder Ranch in the Cypress Hills. He was Park Ranger just a few miles down Battle Creek Valley in the early 40s. His gift of writing and painting are priceless. He has enriched my life, helping me appreciate what our forefathers worked so hard for when they settled here in the Cypress Hills.

  128. I have the Cowboy Channel however I would like to get the plus so I can watch the 2022 Wrangler NFR