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Vacation. Without a doubt, it’s one of our top ten favourite words, and an activity that we eagerly plan — sometimes starting the day after our last one!

Our guide will tell you where to power down and recharge, where you can have the time of your life at must-see heritage sites and more about a legendary Australian stockman.


Do you remember the olden days when a vacation meant “leaving it all behind” — including your telephone (which was attached to the wall), by-the-minute Facebook updates and pressures from work? Not surprisingly, the fallout from this never-ending bombardment has created the latest buzzword in travel — a “black hole destination” — where people pay big bucks to hand over their phones and laptops to get away from it all.

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Living & Reliving the West

These iconic sites are considered some of the most culturally important places in the West. This is where visitors can connect to those who made history, where you can drink in the now-rare silence, learn the ingenious ways of our ancestors and marvel at the world we share while we enjoy our precious vacation time.

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The Man From Snowy River Lives On

Banjo Paterson’s famous poem, The Man From Snowy River, which tells the tale of a daring young Australian stockman whose horsemanship exploits were legendary, was first published nearly 130 years ago.

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