Photo courtesy Sbampato
Photo courtesy Sbampato

Refresh – Rewind – Reride

Is it just me, or does it seem like there is a very large percentage of Westerners travelling with their horses to winter in the U.S.? Apparently, Maricopa County in Arizona is unofficially known as “Little Canada” so that’s an indication of just how many cowboy-snowbirds rewind and set up camp year after year in that region of the desert.

If you’re considering doing the same we’ve brought you valid information on crossing the border with your saddle pal. Additionally, if you decide to buy a horse while in the U.S. and want to bring him home to your outfit we’ve brought you information on what’s involved in that scenario too.
Horses, like vehicles, need regular “maintenance” and deworming is one of the more unpleasant but necessary tasks. There’s a refreshing article about an alternative to the traditional worming methods, and one that might be useful in your barn.
And of course, it’s just not summer unless you get an opportunity to read something that’ll make you grin. So it is with the touching and true story of a pinto mare named Mary, and how she beat the odds to stay with her favourite guy. This tale just might be the ultimate reride.
Happy trails everyone!

Crossing Borders

Picture this. It’s January and the thermometer reads –32°C. Snow lies everywhere. My neighbour’s horses are covered with thick winter hair plus three layers of blankets and they’re still shivering. But my horse and I are warm.


Because we’re galloping down a path in Arizona, with enormous saguaro cactus towering nearby! But, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a warm equestrian holiday if I hadn’t known how to transport my horse across the Canadian/US border.

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Buying Horses Across The Medicine Line

It can be rather intimidating to cross the border with the intention of buying a horse, that is, unless you have the most powerful ally of all?—?valid information. Each state has different regulations and most importantly, many sales have different methods of payment. I contacted two U.S. horse sellers to give you an idea of what you may experience.

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As The Worm Turns

Equine parasites are now resistant to many of the drugs currently in use. The time has come to rethink deworming by adding some alternative strategies to the treatment arsenal.

Equine deworming is going through a transition in the conventional veterinary world. For three decades, it has been done using a six to eight weekly rotation schedule of anthelmintics. But parasite resistance has been identified with many of the drugs in current use, and there are no new classes of drug on the horizon.

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Healing With Horses

Sometimes the injuries that hurt us most are the kind we can’t see. Like the wounded soldier who has seen one too many atrocities against his fellow man, or the teenage girl who has been bombarded with one too many body-image messages. Both scenarios can send those hurt by these things into a dangerous tailspin, and ultimately thoughts of suicide. The world can be a very dark and lonely place for those injured in this way.

There may still be lots to learn when it comes to how we deal with trauma and self-esteem issues, but we are beginning to find that recovery from injuries of the heart?—?and soul?—?is entirely possible. There are healing miracles, of every size and kind imaginable, happening every day. And some of the most magnificent results are taking place in horse arenas.

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Mary Loves Mike

I’ve always believed that, when given the chance, a horse will pick their owner. This is the true story of how Mary picked hers.

Back in October, 2007 I was in the Cypress Hills riding on the West Block roundup. That was the first time I saw Mary. I couldn’t help but notice her, as she’s a striking black and white papered pinto with enough withers to hold a saddle upright. I took many photos of her, and the mare never left my mind.

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