Guests and friends at Sierra West take a break from riding to pose on this rock outcrop for a unique photo.
Guests and friends at Sierra West take a break from riding to pose on this rock outcrop for a unique photo. Photo courtesy Sierra West Ranch Vacations.

Living & Learning

We purposely threw a wide loop as we set out to bring you a broad range of ideas for your summer vacation, and in some cases, the suggestions combine the opportunity to learn something new while having a good time!

The focus of this Guide is ‘Live and Learn’; whether you’re looking to enhance your music skills and jam with some great pickers, slap leather at a gun range that’s modeled after the Old West, or perfect your working cowboy skills under the experienced and encouraging eye of the men of the range, we’ve got you covered.

If relaxing as you listen to top performers belt out their hits, or working on building your confidence, and your horse’s, as you navigate into the great new sport of extreme trail riding is more your style, we’ve got that too.

If you are looking to take in a bit of equine history, check out the true story about a devoted horse in the far, far away lands of the Magdalen Islands; sure to ignite your imagination and perhaps spur you on to visit the place that inspired such loyalty.

This is a just a taste of what’s out there, and at least once this summer we challenge you to try something completely new. Think of it as closing your eyes and throwing a hoolihan into your remuda; you’re not sure what’s going to happen next?—?and that’s what makes life so exciting!


Authentic Cowboy Country

Towns & Cities with Western Spirit

At first I thought the task would be a cinch?—?choose a dozen communities across the West whose Western roots run deep and where visitors to the area can experience some authentic cowboy culture.

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RCMP Heritage Centre

Behind the Red Serge

“Most people who visit the Heritage Centre are surprised to learn that the RCMP’s international role started with Sitting Bull,” explained Robin Etherington, President and CEO of the Heritage Centre.

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Flames and smoke erupt from a black powder shotgun

Boom Town

Boom Town B.C. could be any plank-and-post village of the Wild West era. Below the boardwalks the dirt streets are dusty in summer and authentically muddy in winter. A few horses in the streets would only add to the realism, but that would be a bit risky because Boom Town is also a very noisy place.

Gunfire is the reason for its existence and it is in fact a cleverly designed firing range.

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Pursuing Your Passion

Western Workshops to Enhance Your Skills

Life may have been slower back in the day, but it wasn’t any easier for small business. Even silversmiths struggled to carve out a living.

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A Horse Called Farmer

Here’s an amazing true story about a horse named Farmer who swam the ocean to return to Entry Island where he was born and raised.

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Western Attractions Guide

Here’s a handy guide to some of the top western attractions across the Canadian West. From historic ranches to forts, UNESCO Heritage Sites to interactive dinosaur museums, these are guaranteed family fun sites!

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