The Trainers Showdown – Legends Edition at Horse Expo Canada is a distinguished event uniting renowned equestrian trainers. This exclusive edition honors legendary figures in horse training, celebrated for their outstanding achievements and enduring contributions to the equestrian community. During the event, these experts will engage the audience by demonstrating their distinctive training methods, notably by working with an unbroken Rocking Heart Ranch colt throughout three captivating days. It is a must-attend experience for horse enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity to gain knowledge from these esteemed trainers who have left an indelible mark on the equestrian world.

Meet the Legends

Glenn Stewart

Glenn Stewart is and International Horsemanship Clinician who has been working with horses and their owners for over 40 years.  Glenn has personally started over 3000 horses throughout his career giving them the proper foundation to help ensure their success.

He travels extensively each year delivering his horsemanship clinics across Canada, United States, South America, and Europe.  Glenn leads camps, horse development and front row seating at his home, The Horse Ranch in Fort St John, BC.   He has developed his own complete Horsemanship Program that is studied by thousands of students globally.

Glenn offers online learning through his Academy where he shares in detail his blueprint for success with horses.  The Academy gives students the exact program he uses with all the horses he develops – from starting colts to multimillion-dollar FEI competition horses.

He also offers a Professional Pathway for people interested in making a career out of horses.

Some Awards include:

  • 2020 Champion Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Alberta, Canada
  • 2019 Champion Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Alberta, Canada
  • 2012 Canadian Representative World Championship Colt Starting, Tennessee USA
  • 2010 Champion Cowboy Up Challenge, Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada
  • Nominated for Western Horseman of the Year

Here are a few words from Glenn:

“Horsemanship is the way the humans interact with horses.  It is natural because it makes common sense and considers the horse’s point of view.  Regardless of the dream or discipline if you truly understand what is important to them and care what is important to them, the ability to read each as an individual and know the why, then the how of responding, the possibilities for what horse and human can achieve is endless.”

Pat Parelli

In 1982, Pat Parelli began creating a natural horsemanship program to improve the relationshipbetween humans and horses. Pat promoted the concept of love, language, and leadership. Pat’s desire to spread this knowledge to the world rose up in him after watching his mentors, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, work with horses.

In 1984, Pat began teaching clinics, and in 1991, he coined the term Natural Horsemanship. Natural Horsemanship has become a viable and important aspect of the international horse industry, and continues to expand and influence the way in which horses are trained. Pat provides amazing talent for both training horses and teaching people.

Today, Parelli Natural Horsemanship and the Parelli Program has spread to 76 countries, over a million people, and has improved the lives of horses around the world. For more information about Pat Parelli and Parelli Natural Horsemanship, please visit or join the Parelli Network at

Doug Mills

Doug Mills and his Training Thru Trust method have helped thousands of horses and riders realize their full potential as horsemen and women.

Doug Mills has built his training program around horses and people.  Born and raised on a working cattle ranch in Price, Utah he started his first horse when he was eight years old under the guidance of his brother in law, George Fasselin.  That experience was invaluable as he learned how to safely get around the wild ones.  Although there was no violence we did use restraints and wet saddle blankets.  He also learned the value of giving a horse a job then leave him alone.

In his early teens Doug watched a round pen demo that would forever change how he thought about horses.  The trainer had a BLM Mustang that he rode in a couple hours with no restraints.  That was unheard of in those days.  That demo ignited a passion in Doug and set him out on his path to developing one of the most trusted and proven methods available.  More information became available via clinics, videos, books, and articles. Doug became a junkie.  Working horses at liberty he learned how to teach horses without restraints.

After experiencing the incredible results using his newly developed technique, Doug’s excitement turned into a passion of needing to share what he had learned with others through clinics and demos.  Most of the people at the first clinics were new to horses so he learned how to break down difficult tasks into simple steps.  He found a couple of common problems people were having, one was communication.  The commands were too fast with inconsistent angle, pressure, and timed release.  The other was a lack of leadership, horses were walking all over the owners.

Doug came up with the simplest manoeuvre he knew of that would address both problems, then tested them at clinics.  The goal was for the greenest rider to have success with the toughest horse.  This was the beginning of Training Thru Trust!

Doug has always had a passion for well broke, athletic horses so showing reining and working cow horse was the likely place for him to learn from the best in the business.  He took all he learned about training and showing performance horses and applied the Training Thru Trust philosophy and techniques.  Doug believes the key to willingness is choices without restraints.  However, he believes its important that all horses learn to yield to a restraint pressure.

Doug has had much success around the world, teaching both horse and rider, however he would probably tell you that his greatest achievements of late are watching his wife, Lynette and four kids all following his Training Thru Trust Program achieve their own success in the Equine Industry.

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