Collecting History

It will be an Old West auction like no other!!

Brian Lovig of Lovig Auctions got the nod to stage an auction sale that will take days to complete.  It will feature the famed 60-year old Wild West collection painstakingly amassed by Wendell Grangaard.

The auction will feature historical artifacts of soldiers and Native Americans involved in the battles in the U.S., including some of the great war chiefs, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Gall and Two Moon.  The centrepiece of the auction is the largest known collection of Little Bighorn battle artifacts.  These aforementioned pieces are just a drop in the bucket of this massive collection, estimated to top $100 million.

Of great interest are the guns.  Collectors, especially Canadian collectors, are well-versed in the legality of importing firearms, and they know that any gun manufactured before 1898 is an antique and exempt from any Canadian so-called “gun-grab” law.

The auction, held in Las Vegas, will take place over January 19, 20 & 21, and will be streamed live on their website