Woman of the West

Beating the Heat in Style

Call me a girly-girl, but I could never live without glitter, the colour pink, and all of the beauty hacks I have picked up along the way to better suit the farm/ranch lifestyle. I have cracked the code and put together my Top 5 beauty tips to be a low-maintenance cowgirl; so you can get up and go while looking fabulous on those early mornings on the farm or ranch.

  1. Avoiding all makeup with eyelash extensions

I said it here first – eyelash extensions have truly changed my life. They require zero effort, and for a girl like myself who has naturally blonde eyelashes that are otherwise non-existent without mascara, I feel so much better having them on. I can wake up in the morning, brush them out quickly, and away I go. They give you a finessed appearance, are suited for any age and lifestyle, and are versatile to suit specific preferences. 

2. Easy hairdos, with semi-permanent hair extensions

Growing up with very fine and thin hair, I was always self-conscious and was quite strategic about how I would style it to make it appear fuller and voluminous. After years of trying to grow my natural hair and chopping it, I finally discovered hand-tied hair extensions to add length and thickness to my hair. These have been such a confidence boost for me, and while working outside, all I have to do is throw my hair in a braid and toss a ballcap on my head, and the look is complete. The only downside to these hair extensions is the initial cost. However, if you struggle with fine hair like me, they are worth every penny.

3. Skincare routine to reduce sun damage

Having a good skincare routine has not always been something that I have taken very seriously. However, growing older, I have learned that it is important to protect your skin, especially when working outside in all types of weather. Being a tad bit impatient, I have developed a skincare routine that is quick and easy, starting with a foaming facial cleanser in the morning, followed by an SPF facial moisturizer to block out UV rays while working outside. This not only allows my skin to breathe without the use of heavy makeup but gives an extra glow to my skin. Simple and easy, just the way I like it. 

4. Accessories can tie together any look

Hear me out; you don’t have to go overboard when accessorizing for day-to-day chores and farm work to look like a western fashionista. Some simple studded turquoise earrings, a beaded necklace or chain with an elegant cross, and some Navajo bracelets can add that little element of punchy to finish off your look. I usually order my inexpensive accessories from Amazon or pick some up at Lammles. 

5. Keep it feminine with a bright nail colour

Adding a pop of colour to your nails can be a simple way to show your feminine side and it’s a fun way to be bold without having to commit to something for a long time. I love trying out new colours and designs on my nails and have quickly learned that short nails are a must on the ranch. I always ask for a short, sharp square shape for my nails, and usually opt for a bright pink or pastel colour, and sometimes adding a flower design for an extra flare. If you lack nail inspiration, I highly recommend searching Pinterest for designs. 

Keeping my girly side while keeping practical has not been the easiest of tasks. However, over the time I have spent so far working, living and breathing on the ranch, I have developed my ways to keep my personality shining through, and in the great words of Dolly Parton, 

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!”

Photos and story by Chelsey Becker