Horse Loggin’, Okanagan


By Bud McKague (1935-2002)

In the winter Okanagan
In the old days of horse loggin’,
When the skid teams come a 'foggin’,
I can hear their tug chains still.
And the faller, was a bawler,
And you should of heard him holler,
“Timber!” down the mountain;
You could hear it at the mill.
And the bucker, that old sucker,
Well, he was a real limb chucker,
But sometimes he’d get to cussin’,
And it’s like I hear him still.
On a cool and frosty mornin’
When them beads of sweat is formin’,
But you’re workin’ to a rhythm,
That’s how loggin’ used to be.
Wit hte old cross-cut a singin’,
And the fallers’ wedges ringin’,
And the sounds of snappin’ branches;
They are sounds that used to be…

“Horse Loggin’, Okanagan” was excerpted from
The Silent Partner (& Other Cowboy Poetry) by Bud
 McKague. Bud was a skookum bronc rider in his time,
and a celebrated cowboy poet. In 2001, he was inducted
into the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame.