If God Had Chosen Cowboys

By Steve Lucas


If God had chosen cowboys, instead of those fellers herdin’ sheep
To welcome the Baby Jesus while the world was fast asleep
Would the Christmas story and the carols that we sing
Be a little different; maybe have a different ring?

When the cowboys got the message from them angels heard on high
They’d have ridden into town, shootin’ their pistols in the sky
And thundered to the stable bathed in that star’s bright light
I’m telllin’ you boys, it would not have been a silent night

And little town of Bethlehem, you would not lie still
When the cows, spooked by the angels, stampeded over the hill
And that bunch of rowdy cowboys had to turn ‘em all around
And not quit lookin’ until every calf was found

Then come back into town, and belly up to the bar
To buy a round for them kings who’d travelled from afar
The next morning on the mountain, they’d tell outfits far and near
About the angels, and the stampede, and the Saviour who’d come here

“The Lord is my cowboy …” would begin the most familiar Psalm, and
The parable of the lost calf is the story that would calm
The sad and lonely cowboy spending Christmas on the trail
If God had chosen cowboys to headline the Christmas tale.