A Rant & Rnd 7 Draw-’21 WNFR

Resistol Tip of the Hat. PRCA photo by Rod Connor.

I prepared this yesterday, then decided it was too negative and didn’t submit it to Miss Terri for posting. I like to include the next day’s draw in each posting but someone in the PRCA office has neglected to post the Round 7 draw, so I rooted around and found the discarded. Here it is:

Politics Harm the Product

I guess they got tired of handing out Go-Round Buckles to The Calgary Stampede last year. This year, through the first complete five pen cycle they’ve had NINE Calgary horses in the penalty box. Horses like  C-16 Choke Cherry, Z-63 Zastron Acres, S-77 Soap Bubbles, T-65 Tiger Warrior, Z-37 Zoaria Hills, B-26 Business Girl, A-73 Amazon Hills, S-83 Special Delivery and X-55 Xena Warrior have all cooled their heels in the reride pen. What a crime!

I’ll never forget Clay Elliott hoeing it out of T-65 Tiger Warrior in the short go of the first Hard Grass Bronc Match, it was an unforgettable eight seconds. But, that outstanding bronc has to sit because the PRCA needs to use some rodeo company’s less-than-a-star animal that doesn’t belong on this level. That sucks.

Vern McDonald’s reliable 00 Double D was in the penalty box too and I happen to know that Vern’s most recognizable horse F13 Virgil is down there and hasn’t even made it to the reride pen yet.

This is rodeo’s annual showcase, why would the PRCA shoot themselves in the foot just to satisfy some stock contractor’s ego? Maybe some stock contractors should swallow their pride — or step up their game.

Round 7 Draw

Trick rider Madison McDonald. PRCA photo by Phill Kitts

Well it’s 11:30 am and the draw still isn’t on the PRCA page then I searched out last night’s Post Game Show on the Cowboy Channel Plus and found where Justin McKee briefly touched on it. So, as I watched I made notes and here it is.

There’s pretty exciting news in the Bareback Riding. Manitoba’s best Bareback rider Orin Larsen has 48 Fired Up from the Big Stone string. That’s the horse Denny and Kim Robbie recently sold to Bruce Sundstrom and Jess Pope won Round Two on him. Three-time World Champion Tim O’Connell has another Sundstrom horse in 313 Mayhem, that could be electric. Calgary’s Y-92 Yippee Kibitz and C-16 Choke Cherry have drawn Californians Clayton Biglow and R. C. Landingham. Richie Champion has 001 Wilson Sanchez, that’s the reliable old horse that Hi Lo Rodeo purchased from Darcy Hollingsworth several years ago.

In the Bronc Riding, Zeke Thurston will compete on Pete Carr’s 4X9 Bloomer’s River’s Ghost. There’s a couple of C5 broncs out tonight, 00 Double D and Round Two winner 333- Kitty Whistle will team up with Sage Newman and Dawson Hay. Layton Green has drawn my favourite bucking horse in X-55 Xena Warrior from the Calgary string. Xena’s travelling partners B-92 Baby Kibitz and Z-63 Zastron Acres will provide the horsepower for Cody DeMoss and Spencer Wright. Kolby Wanchuk will test Championship Pro Rodeo’s 019 Bad Onion and Ben Andersen will mount up on Pete Carr’s 170 Priefert’s Secret Agent.

Six-time World Champion Bull Rider Sage Kimsey will put the test on Outlaw Buckers’ Round Two winner 604 Lose Your Bones. Good Luck to all.