First-Ever Rodeo Spring Training Camp


Spring is here, and it will bring in the long-awaited season of rodeo and western sports!

It will have been over a year since some rodeo athletes have competed at a professional level, so now is the time for athletes to get fit to compete.

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team (CPRSMA) is launching the first-ever Rodeo Athlete Spring Training Camp.

As a leader in western sports athlete care and development, CPRSMT knows it is vital that the athletes get the proper start to their season and come out of the gates firing on all cylinders.

CPRSMT primarily focuses on athlete injury prevention and recovery, and they know it is about a holistic approach to athlete health and fitness.

“I have been involved in rodeo my whole life and have always felt that high-level fitness and training is a piece that doesn’t get enough focus from the sport,” says CPRSMT Board Director Kynan Vine. “I think the spring training camp will be the launching point for a whole new level of athlete development with the CPRSMT taking a leading role.”

This training camp will feature elite professionals, including Mike Kicia, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With over a decade in the professional sports industry, Mike spent seven years working within the New York Yankees Player Development System.

“Consistent, intelligent training is a vital aspect of all sport, Rodeo being no exception,” says Kicia. “The wear and tear or injuries that a rodeo athlete endures during an event make it all the more important to properly train. Training movement patterns and progressively loading tissue (muscles/tendons) and joints to address and correct any dysfunction is a key piece to long term performance and health,” says Kicia. “Working as a strength and conditioning coach in professional sports for over a decade has shown me the importance of training for career longevity and performance.”

The western training camp will also feature sports psychologists, dietitians, orthopaedic surgeons, brain injury experts, and business coaches.

“This will be part training camp and part professional seminar for the participants,” adds Vine. “Again, this is about every aspect of their preparation and overall health and fitness.”

Brandon Thome, CPRSMT Executive Director, has spent nearly two decades in the sport and along with his fellow health care practitioners, has spent countless hours working with western sports athletes on their injury prevention and recovery.

“I know how important it is for the athletes to have a comprehensive health and fitness plan,” says Thome. “We have created a program over the past 30 years that is really industry-leading in terms of athlete care in rodeo. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to the overall care of each athlete, and it takes a massive team of people. With this program, we are just taking the natural and next step to the overall care of the athletes. This is something only our organization can truly do at this level because we have 30 years of experience working with the sport and its athletes. We know them like family, and we care for them like one of our own.”

The Spring Training Camp will evaluate athletes’ current health and fitness levels and prepare them for the coming season, both physically and mentally.

The CPTSMT specialized practitioners will be on-site to take athletes through extensive evaluations and one on one testing of each athlete. Athletes will leave the camp with a comprehensive health evaluation and a personalized plan to ensure they get the most out of their preparation for the season. An opportunity to train like a true professional athlete at a spring training camp has never before been offered in rodeo. The Sport Medicine team is excited to be on the leading edge of athlete development here in Canada.

The CPRSMT will accept a limited number of athletes into the training camp to ensure the very best one-on-one preparation and coaching.

Athletes can send their application and registration to the CPRSMT, and each will hear back shortly on their confirmed position in Spring Training Camp.

Rodeo Athlete Spring Training Camp

May 8–9, 2021

Acumen Performance Clinic in Calgary, Alta.

* Open to CPRA & PBR members only

For contestants from ALL rodeo events; limited to 20 participants

Cost: $250

Visit for more information.

The event includes all baseline fitness testing, full-body musculoskeletal assessment, one-on-one event-specific strength and conditioning program tailored to YOUR specific needs/deficits.

Lunch provided by Fuel for Gold (caterer to Canadian national athletes), AND a seminar series featuring three Keynote speakers who are experts in their fields (we’re talking Olympic level!) of nutrition, sport psychology, and biz/life coaching.)

Register: Visit under ‘Athlete Development’ to download the information package, or email to register and reserve your spot now!

Spots are going to go fast!